Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, August 22

  • More Coverage of Illinois Adding the “Dutch Reach” to Driver Curriculum (CBSTribune)
  • Sun-Times Is Looking for Bike Crash Footage for a Follow-up to Recent Editorial (Chainlink)
  • After Angela Park’s Death, Letters Blame Main-Street Bikeways, Cyclists (Sun-Times)
  • NWU Prof: Let’s Implement Congestion Pricing Instead of a Ride-Share Cap (Crain’s)
  • Metra Gets an Earful Over Massive Delays Caused by Bogus Tornado Warning (CBS)
  • Rauner Vetoes Bill to Give Property Tax Break to Urban Agriculture Sites (WTTW)
  • Rents at TOD at 2342-48 N. California Are Higher Than Originally Proposed (Block Club)
  • Artists Discuss the Folded Map Project to Connect S. & N. Siders 9/4 at LUMA Museum (MPC)
  • Free Divvy Passes Will Be Offered on 9/2 to Promote a TV Show (Tribune)

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  • rwy

    The second letter to the Sun Times, the driver fails to yeild to a cyclist and then gets mad at the cyclist? Am I missing something?

  • Courtney

    Please bring on the congestion tax. Yesterday while eating dinner in the loop I was disgusted by so many cars passing by with only ONE occupant. I know this isn’t abnormal but I would love to see the city treat the streets within the loop (and other places in our city) as a resource and not just some given for folks who drive cars. We need more bus lanes and bike (along with more enforcement) in the loop to prioritize sustainable travel methods

  • what_eva

    I’d like to see a delivery ban in the loop during rush hour as well, especially morning rush. It’s mind-boggling how often I see trucks blocking a lane and unloading at 8:30 AM.

  • FlamingoFresh

    Congestion pricing is a much better way to deal with congestion than just capping Uber and Lyft drivers. The congestion pricing (when done correctly) will effectively create a cap of those drivers (and others) on congested roadways. Thus, limiting the number of vehicles on the roadway while creating revenue for the city.

  • planetshwoop

    Congestion pricing into the Loop is probably unrealistic right now due to all of the red light camera scandals.

    But tollways! IPass! If we put cameras on the off-ramps, LSD, the Ohio feeder… that would be how it would actually happen, as we know how to do that and have a precedent.

    The other thing I’ve always wondered (and I post about it here often enough) is why so many streets in the Loop are 1-way. Make them two way. It’s human and safe to cross LaSalle St. But Clark is a dangerous game because everyone speeds so much.

  • Courtney

    I’d at least like to see the city try it. I daydream about cameras doing the work of our incompetent cops. Cameras and/or robots could catch the speeders, the folks who don’t pay for parking, etc. and we’d save a lot of money on lawsuits when cops kill innocent folks, salaries, pensions, etc. The savings could go to beefed up transit, physically separated bike lanes, etc.