Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, July 10

  • During Metra Pricing Experiment, Some Long-Haul Riders Will Get a Fare Break (Herald)
  • 2 Stabbed, 1 Fatally, After Argument on CTA Bus in Washington Park (Tribune)
  • Drunk Driver Who Caused Minor Injury to Another Motorist Gets 5 Years (Sun-Times)
  • Red Line Service Delayed by Police Activity at Grand Ave. Station (Tribune)
  • Bike 4 Belmont-Cragin Ride for Infrastructure Got the Alderman’s Attention (Active Trans)
  • Ald. Osterman Opposed Plan for New Ped Path Near Osterman Beach (Block Club)
  • “Concrete Rodeo” Features Footage of Chicago Couriers in the 1990s (The Chainlink)
  • July Events on the Lakefront Trail (Active Trans)
  • Want to Be an Active Trans Ambassador? Sign up for Their August 2 Training

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  • FlamingoFresh

    The Concrete Rodeo video was terrific. What happened to couriers in Chicago? Were they banned or just no longer needed due to advances in technology? To be honest, I never fully understood their purpose since I entered the workforce post millennia.

  • Curtis Myers

    The industry still exists, although it’s heyday was definitely the 1980s-1990s. Much of today’s service is the delivery of food. So, you actually watched the documentary and still don’t understand the couriers’ “purpose”? Huh.

  • FlamingoFresh

    The way I viewed couriers to be were like on-call delivery people, specifically work related to get documents from on location to another in a short amount of time, to meet deadlines since email wasn’t a thing. I wasn’t saying “I never fully understood the purpose” of couriers in the sense that I didn’t think they were important and useful, I said it in the sense that it was never explained to me what specifically they were used for, so I wasn’t sure if my assumptions about them were correct. That’s all.