Today’s Headlines for Monday, July 9

  • Anti-Violence Protesters Led by Pfleger, Jesse Jackson Take Over Dan Ryan (Tribune)
  • Rahm Seeks to Protect $1.3B ‘L’ Car Contract on This Week’s Asia Trip (Tribune)
  • Driver Dies After Rear-Ending Another Car in Old Town (Tribune)
  • Motorists Injures 2 Children and Their Mother in Brainerd (Tribune)
  • Driver Struck Man, 30, in Belmont Gardens, Fled the Scene (Sun-Times)
  • Ald. Moore Voted Against Obama Center to Protest Curbless Depression-Era Streets (Tribune)
  • As Chicago Riverfront Is Developed, Water Taxis Look to Expand Service (Tribune)
  • Local Prosthetics Tech Helps Born Born Without Arms Ride a Bike (WGN)
  • Bicycling Names Lakefront Trail as One of 11 Great Paths to Visit This Summer
  • Starting Today, LFT From Ardmore to Berwyn Closed for Widening (Park District)
  • Public Meeting on Lincoln Yards Plan July 18 (Block Club)

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  • rwy

    When the other sections of the LFT where under construction, they provided detours. Any idea of how long this section of LFT is under construction?

  • Louis S

    The “detour” they provided for Montrose to Berwyn was laughably noted. They really need to put up some real signs ASAP.

  • planetshwoop

    The sidewalk by the lake is pleasant!

  • ardecila

    What an overwrought article about the folks who don’t have curbs on their streets. “All they see is despair ” – cue the Liz Lemon eyeroll. Especially since the streets DO have sidewalks. My suburban neighborhood growing up had neither curbs nor sidewalks, we just walked in the street. Having ditches instead of curbs is also a pretty common condition in New Orleans, Atlanta, Portland, and plenty of other big cities.

    Really as a city we should be moving away from curbs and towards bioswales (ditches, basically) so we can reduce the volume of stormwater entering the sewers and raw sewage entering Lake Michigan. If they wanted to rip out the curbs on my street for such a reason, I’d support it…