Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, May 9

  • Number of Distracted Driving Tickets Plummeted From 45,594 in 2014 to 186 in 2016 (Tribune)
  • Final Draft of N. Branch Plan Calls for Moving Metra Stop, Adding 10 Acres Parkland (Tribune)
  • Affordable Housing Groups Condemn the Vandalism of Moreno’s Office (Curbed)
  • Pro- and Anti-Affordable Housing Activist Groups Square Off in Jefferson Park (DNA)
  • Osterman: Construction on the Glenwood Greenway Will Start This Week (DNA)
  • Wilmette Committee Opposes Installing Bike Lanes on Central Avenue (Tribune)
  • Lawrence Avenue Streetcar Tracks Unearthed During Construction (DNA)
  • Divvy Diaries: Exploring Chicago’s Shops and Restaurants via Bike-Share (Flo’s Favorites)
  • Erik’s Bike Board Ski Opens a Shop in Deerfield (Tribune)
  • The Chicago Public Library Has a Wealth of Info About Local Cycling History
  • Inaugural Ride for the North Branch Trail Alliance of Greater Chicago on 5/20 at Forest Glen Woods

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  • planetshwoop

    I regularly see streetcar tracks exposed via potholes or sunken concrete. Lawrence near Pulaski, Wells St downtown (near Adams I think). It’s a fascinating little bit of history buried below.

  • Matt F

    RE: Eric’s Bike Board Ski: The article reads like it was written by a high school sophomore:

    “Along with bicycles that run strictly on peddle power, Saltvold said Erik’s will sell peddle-assisted electric bikes. He said the electric motor adds some speed”

    “The story will sell bicycles, skate boards, skis, snow boards and accessories to go with those products.”

    Someone needs to tell the Trib that skateboard and snowboard are one word each…

  • Pat

    Some contractor ruined two asphalt cutting blades on Broadway north of Diversey by cutting into old tracks.

    Ruined the first blade on accident by cutting into the old tracks and getting stuck. Ruined the second by trying to cut out the first blade. :)

  • Didn’t the Tribune fire basically all of their editors and proofreaders during the recession?