Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, March 7

  • AAA Illinois Urges State Legislators to Vote No on Bill to Raise Highway Speed Limits
  • 18-Year-Old Woman Killed, 2 Others Injured, in Barrington Heights Crash (CBS)
  • To Reduce Ped Fatalities “Wake Up to the Reality… Outside [Your] Windshield” (Tribune)
  • Next City Looks at the Wicker Park / Bucktown Master Plan Update
  • Naperville Bike Ride Promotes Cycling as a Strategy to Aid Addiction Recovery (Herald)
  • Will the New Target Store at the “Punkin’ TOD” Hurt or Help Small Businesses? (DNA)
  • Rolla, Missouri, Looks to Divvy as a Best Practice for Bike-Share (RDN)
  • CTA Releases Cool Vintage Photos to Celebrate Its 70th Birthday (Time Out)

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  • Pat

    Re: The Reality Outside Your Windshield

    This is why Cornell needs a major redesign or complete elimination. I watched a man wait in the crosswalk to get to the Midway while 20-25 cars passed by him, completely oblivious. Six lanes of fast moving traffic have no place in our parks.

  • R.A. Stewart

    I was confused at first by the headline as presented here. An article calling for drivers to take some responsibility? In the Tribune? But of course it’s not the Trib itself, but the Lake County News-Sun. Commendable change from the usual anti-pedestrian, anti-bike, anti-transit, anti-anything-but-cars bias, in any case.