Today’s Headlines for Thursday, January 24

  • Governing Conducted a 6-Month Investigation of Segregation in Downstate Illinois
  • Active Trans Has Sent a Transportation Questionnaires to Aldermanic Candidates
  • 15 Hospitalized After Driver Strikes CTA bus at Chicago and Peoria (CBS)
  • Metra: Rotten Beam Caused Ceiling Collapse That Injured Passenger at Union Station (CBS)
  • Woman Charged With DUI, Homicide, After Crash That Killed Sheriff’s Deputy (CBS)
  • Metra Releases Audio From Night 2 Officers Were Killed Crossing Tracks (NBC)
  • 25th Ward Housing Candidates Forum Tonight 5:30 at St. Pius Will Likely Discuss El Paseo
  • Active Trans Has Postponed Friday’s Winter Bike to Work Rally Due to Predicted Cold Temps
  • …But Friday Night’s Critical Mass Bike Ride Is Still Happening
  • There’s Another Mayoral Candidate Forum on Transit This Sunday 4 PM at 3850 S. Wabash

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  • Anne A

    Active Trans made the right call in postponing the Winter Bike to Work Rally. Better NOT to have it on a day when extreme weather would put their employees at serious risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

  • Alexander Kessler

    Unrelated question. Why aren’t El platforms covered? I can’t imagine it would be that expensive of a feature…?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Newer ‘L’ platforms, such as at Wilson and Cermak Green, have pretty good canopy coverage — the later is basically completely enclosed. But in general Chicago seems to design amenities with the philosophy, “We can’t make this too comfortable or else (shudder!) homeless people might seek shelter here.”

  • ardecila

    Most L platforms have full or nearly full canopies. Certainly anything built since the 1950s. The remaining stations that don’t have full canopies are either old and due for a replacement soon (like on the Red Line north or Purple Line) or rebuilt and historic, so they can’t have canopies added (like on the Brown Line).

  • Austin Busch

    Another unrelated question: Does someone know why the yellow line will run 4-car trains on some snowy days? I’ve noticed this happen often recently. Is it to keep tracks clear, or for capacity?

  • Tooscrapps

    Maybe on some of the Brown Line stations (Quincy), but others like Diversey’s main station house and platform are not historic. More likely, when the Brown was rebuilt, it was done this way keep costs low.

  • what_eva

    Exactly. Belmont and Fullerton were both done when the Brown was and are about 3/4 covered. Further out Brown stations seem to be more like 1/2.

  • FG

    The exact same reason that the historic stations were built with short canopies.

    Though the new station on Wabash seems to have poor coverage, I wonder how it’s been doing in the winter with the open section and ribs (I rarely go that way anymore).

  • Carter O’Brien

    I use Paulina a lot, and it’s neither historic nor fully covered, which is shame when you see how much work they have to spend shoveling and salting it in the winter. I suspect that cost-benefit analysis gets lost in the larger scheme of things, which is too bad. CTA platforms could also be great candidates for community solar projects, FEJA has completely changed the economics for PV.

  • BlueFairlane

    Every time I use that station in the winter and see all the snow gathered on the platform, I think about how for just a little bit more money, they could have closed that gap in the middle of the wannabe-Calatrava dinosaur bones and had an actual roof to protect semi-comfortable transit users. It’s part of why I really don’t like that station.

  • Courtney

    With you on the solar panel idea! It’s so common sense which is probably why it hasn’t been implemented. See: BRT on Western& Ashland, bus-only lanes, all-door boarding, and pre-boarding payment, and protected bike lanes under this category too.

  • FG

    I’ve been in one of his minor stations in Europe, Lisboa Oriente. I hadn’t realized it was his, but suspected it was. Looked it up and yes, twas’ him. Dramatic, but useless platform canopy – too high, even for a mild place like Lisbon and dreary (if fantastically brutalist lower levels and a bit poorly laid out, though how much of that is the client vs architect).