Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, June 13

  • Tollway and Canadian Pacific Reach Tentative Deal for Western O’Hare Access (Crain’s)
  • Emanuel Calls for New 2% Airbnb Tax to Fund Shelter Beds for Abuse Victims (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Killed Motorcyclist in Edgebrook (CBS)
  • As Carjackings Rise, So Has the Number of Youth Arrested for It (Tribune)
  • Gunshot Hits Door of 79th Street Red Line Station (WGN)
  • Police Officer Rescues Toddler Running Along Route 59 in Naperville (Tribune)
  • Metra Apologizes for BNSF Crowding, Adds Extra Cars to Morning Trains (WGN)
  • W. Side Residents Are Activating Vacant Lots With A Transportable Garden (Block Club)

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  • planetshwoop

    Small ask (or idea for a future article): it really feels like hit and run accidents are up. They seem to be in the news more, anyway.

    Is there a way to chart this vs previous years to see if it actually worse than expected?

  • Deni

    First item (tollway-CP agreement) goes to the wrong link.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • How about – ok I’m being a classic non-walking talker consultant here – a shrine at every death site, in the street itself of flowers and candles. Old flowers from those ready to be thrown out at florists because they are going to be swept up quickly by the city anyway, even the excess flowers from the memorial etc.

    We would need a militant pedestrian/biker group to lead this and be ready to spring into action. Sort of like a volunteer fire Dept.

    One source of volunteer energy is the family and friends of the deceased. It’s tricky socially doing that but a reasonable use of grief and mourning anger imho. Sort of like MADD.

  • 2% Airbnb tax is bogus. Like the Uber tax. More money is raised than needed for the idea in this case abused homeless. The taxes are great ideas. But cynical uses that then mostly go to mayoral slush fund. IMHO.

  • planetshwoop

    Isn’t Ghost bikes pretty close to that?

  • CIAC

    The city budget is public. If you think there is a “mayoral slush fund” you can go through the public records ( ) and point out where it is.

  • what_eva

    TIF districts are not part of the city budget. They’re the mayoral slush fund.

  • Very much so.

  • In the Detail (Not shown in your Link) Line 1062 section 46b clearly states, and I quote “Official Mayoral Slush Fund,”

    Page 157 City Council Committees: Pedestrian and Traffic Safety. $249,379

    Page 163 Debt Services $2,010,120,709 (More than Pensions.)

    OK so you know much more than I do. If there was more money than needed raised by a tax like the aribnb tax where would you put it? And really does it matter? They move the numbers around and make everything look reasonable enough for the aldermans (Alderman is a title not a gender, so the proper plural is aldermans.) to rubber stamp it. Or even better for them to complain and then they rejigger the numbers to make the complainers look heroic.

    Unless the complainer is an unimportant person like me. Then the numbers are printed in a pdf for intelligent readers to use to win debates.

  • CIAC

    TIFs are a separate budget, but they are just as transparent. Page 40 on the link I provided above from the city describes where TIF funds go in detail. Even more detail is provided in this link, also from the city: But regardless, TIF revenue would not come from an Airbnb tax. That’s not how the program works. All TIF dollars come from property tax revenue in TIF districts. Do you have reason to believe that the city plans on putting revenue from the Airbnb tax into the TIF fund? That’s what you implied.