Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, May 9

  • CTA Board Will Vote Today on Letting Chicago Market Open in Wilson Station (Tribune)
  • Tom Ricketts Is Buying a Soccer Team, Building a Stadium in Lincoln Yards (Tribune)
  • Driver Who Struck 5 People on Eisenhower, Killing 1, Charged With Hit-and-Run (ABC)
  • CPD’s Area North Is Adding 24 New Bike Patrol Officers (ABC)
  • Biking & Transit Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Summer (Loyola Phoenix)
  • An Alsip Resident Checks Out Dockless Bikes on the Southwest Side (ROACL)
  • Beverly/Morgan Park Home Tour Highlights Proximity to Rock Island Line (Southtown)

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  • Jeremy

    I believe a not-insignificant factor in the Ricketts investing in a soccer team is to provide additional programming to an eventual Cubs cable network.

  • FlamingoFresh

    I’m curious how affordable the prices will be for the Chicago Market grocery store. I’m not sure if it will be like convenient store prices or like an actual grocery store. I also assume using local farmers and products would cause prices to be higher too. We’ll see.

  • planetshwoop

    How many stadiums do we need in one city? Soldier Field, United Center, Wrigley, Sox Park, the DePaul thing near McCormick, UIC Pavilion, and probably a few I’m forgetting. And I haven’t spoken about the suburbs.

    I don’t know what the right number of circuses to Romans is, but this feels like a lot.

  • Carter O’Brien

    LOL. I had never heard that line with the Romans, that’s a keeper.

  • rohmen

    Well, considering London has 12 soccer/football stadiums alone (5 for teams in premier league), and that doesn’t even count all of its stadiums city-wide we’re hardly alone as a Country in our love of large-scale sport venues. What we seem to be more unique in is treating them as somehow deserving of large scale government funding, which is one of the greatest tricks ever played on the public in the U.S.

  • Tooscrapps

    Dill Pickle would be a guide. From the one time I went with a member, I saw meats and produce in the Whole Foods price range. However, I know the circular has some deals:

  • ardecila

    Not all sports facilities are interchangeable. I’m not sure why outdoor stadiums are being compared to indoor arenas, the scale and capacity of these facilities are totally different. Might as well ask why there are so many concert venues in town, and more keep opening!

    Whether you like sports or not, the only relevant question is: are they asking for taxpayer money for this new stadium? So far, it would appear they are not – that means Sterling Bay and the Ricketts believe this stadium and soccer team can be profitable on their own despite the existing competitors around town.

  • planetshwoop

    I think the other relevant question is whether another stadium will require parking.

    I have no issue with more sports venues (without tax monies). But they often come with a parking moat that I despise.

    (So do shopping malls, strip malls, which also often get tif funds for “job creation” so the corporate welfare is spread widely.)

  • Anne A

    There’s a bit of irony in the Beverly/Morgan Park home tour highlighting the role of the Rock Island line in spurring development of the neighborhoods. Due to track construction, the Beverly branch line will be shut down that weekend. If you want to check out the tour, taking your bike on the Rock Island and riding from 103rd & Vincennes, or using CTA, is a great way to get there.

    Doing the tour by bike is easier than driving IMO, because the areas around the tour houses can get quite congested. That’s how I’ll be getting around. Pro tip: bring a cable. It’s not always easy to find a good object to lock to near some tour houses. Adding a cable or long chain makes it easier to take advantage of light poles.

  • ardecila

    Valid point. I’m not worried yet because:
    A) Sterling Bay’s (vague) renderings do not show significant parking around the stadium
    B) Ricketts is now involved, and he is familiar with how to operate a successful sports club with virtually zero on-site parking.
    C) All city-led planning efforts for the North Branch have emphasized more public transportation and walk/bike infrastructure over road projects, and the road projects it does propose are focused more on filling missing links in the grid and less on widening existing roads.

    That being said, it now seems like the stadium is more of a sure thing than the office component. It’s possible that Sterling Bay may choose to build surface lots for stadium-goers as a temporary land use until the demand exists to build a dense office district.

  • Jeremy

    The apartment/bowling/movie complex being built on Clark is supposed to have a 405 space garage. I am not going to count on the Ricketts family to under-develop the parking associated with this stadium.

  • ardecila

    The amount of parking in that project is a crying shame, but the Ricketts aren’t involved. Totally different group of developers. The Ricketts only control the Wrigley Field complex and the new Hotel Zachary.

  • ohsweetnothing

    As someone who grew up on soccer, I personally will attend an in-city, accessible to non-drivers stadium every single time over having to head out to Bridgeview to watch the Fire, even if it’s a lower division.

    Then there’s the stupid sports tribalism component of having a “real Chicago” team that I will also be completely buying into, haha.

    I think the two majors concerns imo have already been raised:
    1. Will public dollars be used?
    2. Will it come with a parking moat?

    If the answer to both is no, bring it on.