Today’s Headlines for Thursday, February 22

  • How Chicago’s Amazon Bid Could Make Our Transit System Less Equitable (American Prospect)
  • Joravsky: Emanuel’s O’Hare Express Dream Is Like Trump’s Desire for a Military Parade (Reader)
  • Indiana State Police Launch Crash Prediction Map (CBS)
  • Driver Charged With DUI After Crash That Killed His Passenger in Elgin (Sun-Times)
  • How the Death a CTA Worker at the Western Brown Stop Inspired the Play “Six Corners” (Tribune)
  • Why We Need to Build the Weber Spur Trail Sooner Than Later (Active Trans)
  • MPC’s Wennink Discusses “The Cost of Segregation” Study 3/1 at UTC’s Seminar Series
  • Human Transit’s Jarett Walker Headlines SUMC’s Shared Mobility Summit, 3/12-14

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  • planetshwoop

    Think the headline is incorrect — should be Thursday?

    The Weber Spur is an active path but not trail. There are plenty of people biking and walking there, but indeed, it’s not suitable for strollers, etc.

    Marge always says it’s the railroad’s issue. I really think it’s the fact that she and the railroad are sparing over developing parcels of the land. See this:

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • rwy

    What’s an active path, and how is it different than a trail?

    The trail doesn’t connect to any on street bike facilities, and the streets of Lincolnwood are brutal. Hard to get to if you don’t live right along the trail.

  • planetshwoop

    It’s a path — people walk on it. I see people mountain biking here and there and, after one of the recent snowstorms, I someone skiing on the path too.

    It’s not a trail because it isn’t paved; it doesn’t have regular access points; there isn’t really signage to facilitate crossing Pulaski. If you were pushing a stroller or wheelchair it’s impassable, which is why it should be turned into a better facility.

    If you sit in the taproom at Alarmist Brewing (which I HIGHLY recommend) you can watch how the path is used today.

    The wildlife viewing as it is today is fantastic — I’ve seen plenty of birds, deer, foxes, etc. I am supportive of building the trail, but the way it is now is pretty great too.