Today’s Headlines for Friday, February 2

  • 68,832 “Active Registered” Ride-Hailing Trips Were Taken in Chicago in December (Tribune)
  • Ventra App Glitch Coincides With Metra Fare Hike (Tribune)
  • Red and Brown Line Trains Delayed at Belmont After Body Found on Tracks (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Charged With DUI for Elgin Crash That Killed His Passenger (Sun-Times)
  • Woman Robbed While Riding a Divvy Bike in Old Town (WGN)
  • ICE Detains Man With Expired DACA Status at Skokie Traffic Court (Tribune)
  • Meet Des Planes Walking Advocates Geraldolyn Harris (Active Trans)
  • Petition to Bring Chicago Market Co-op to Wilson Station Now Has 2,700 Signatures (Patch)
  • APA Talk: Applications of Big Data In Transit Planning 2/20, 5:30 PM at CTA HQ
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  • planetshwoop

    From the Trib article about Uber:
    “It is difficult to say whether or how much ride-sharing has increased congestion in Chicago or, more specifically, downtown because the city’s transportation department does not have estimates of the total number of vehicles on the roads over time.”

    It is not. If you ride a bicycle, you don’t need deep quantitative data to know that ride-sharing is a total mess, and has clogged up everything everywhere in the Loop. The Merch Mart corner at Wells is the worst offender for me, as there are always 3-4 cars dropping off passengers (where taxis typically use the front entrance).

    It’s sad that we think “market forces” should drive this down, ie that people should waste gas and money to find out they’re earning $5/hr and should quit. It’s clearly a menace *in the Loop*.

    I’m surprised people blame “bike lanes” for additional congestion. (OK, not really.) I mean, has anyone in that interview blamed Amazon delivery trucks, UPS, Fedex, delivery vehicles, illegally parked cop cars, USPS, etc. I’m guessing they typically take up as much space and are much more a cause of congestion than “bike lanes” but of course I’m biased, I bike.

    Mary W is really doing a good job on this beat. I like her reporting.

  • Tooscrapps

    The City is doing a terrible job of traffic enforcement everywhere, but it galls me that they can’t even seem to be bothered to do it in the Loop. Ya know, the area with the most cars, buses, cyclists, and peds.