Today’s Headlines for Thursday November 16

  • Emanuel Doesn’t Rule Out CTA Fare Hike (Tribune)
  • Reilly, Waguespack Want Aldermanic Oversight on Money Earmarked for CTA, CPS (Sun-Times)
  • Lawsuit Filed Against Driver Who Allegedly Failed to Yield, Killing Motorcyclist (Sun-Times)
  • Active Trans Reports on Last Week’s Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Council Meeting
  • Daniel K. Hertz: Long Wait Times Discourage Ridership on the Green Line (South Side Weekly)
  • City Finally Breaks Ground on Phase II of Navy Pier Flyover (CBS)
  • Blair Kamin Gives a Thumb’s up to the New Wilson Station Design (Tribune)
  • Evanston Approves Development With 293 Units, 192 Spaces Near Dempster Stop (Curbed)
  • Chinatown Festival of Trees Placemaking Event 11/25, 12-6 PM at Allen Lee Plaza

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  • Chicagoan

    This language bothers me because it makes it sound as if the train swerved off of the tracks and hit somebody.

  • david vartanoff

    CTA could halve the headways on the Green Line south by through routing the Pink Line increasing service without adding Loop throughput. If CTA cannot be persuaded to make that change, restoring the 58th Street Station for the shuttle transfer would be easier– there are already trackswitches there, it is an island platform, and immediately adjacent the turnoff to Ashland.
    I strongly support restoration of the Jackson Park Branch to Stony Island, including intermodal transfer facilities to the MED. The long term plans ought to include extending the Ashland Branch to Midway making the airport far more accessible from the South Side both for travelers and ground services staff.

  • Kevin M

    So cool that the Purple Line is now stopping at Wilson. It is long overdue for this service to return to a station approximately half-way between Howard and Belmont. I think this will increase Purple Line usage and relieve some Red Line passenger congestion. Next, the CTA should expand the schedule for the Purple Line loop-runs.

    Moreno has it backwards. Metra fares need to move away from the distance-based tiers and more like the CTA’s flat-rate.

    All of our transit funding woes would disappear if the State would simple raise the gas tax or implement a vehicle-miles-driven tax and funnel those funds to transit instead of more friggin’ highway lanes.

  • Courtney

    I agree with Kevin! I would love to see more Purple Line loop runs. I live by the Howard Stop and work near the Wilson station. My commute would be cut down if the Purple Line ran later (it stops Loop runs around 10am, 12pm would be nice) and the 78 Montrose bus ran more frequently.

    I also agree the state needs to raise the gas tax and use it to fund sustainable and common sense modes of transportation, ie mass transit.

  • Chicagoan

    I use the Wilson stop Monday-Friday to get to my job adjacent to a Brown Line stop. I now use the Purple Line in favor of the Red Line during rush hour. The Purple Line is frequent enough that I’m willing to wait and I’m loving not having to switch train lines.

    I’m an example of somebody who’s been taken off of Red Line rush hour trains because of the Purple Line investment and I’m not alone. A number of my colleagues are also enjoying the new service. Bravo, CTA.