Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, October 18

  • Emanuel Budget Would Use Ride-Share Tax to Help Fund CTA (Crain’s)
  • CTA Blames Ride-Share, Cheap Gas for Ridership Decline (DNA)
  • CDOT’s Woodall Discusses the Department’s Concerns About Dockless Bike-Share (Forbes)
  • How the Pullman National Monument Can Help Improve Transportation Access (Active Trans)
  • Police Are Trying to Find Man Who Attacked a Senior on the Red Line in August (WLS)
  • At VZ Hearing, Austin Residents Say They Want Safer Conditions for Walking (Austin Talks)
  • Driver Jumps Curb on Michigan Avenue — Miraculously No Pedestrians Were Injured (CBS)
  • Why an Alderman’s Proposal to Tax Bicycles in a Dumb Idea (The Chainlink)
  • Lyft App Will Allow Users to Support Purple Purse, Which Helps Domestic Violence Survivors
  • BGA: Ex-Metra CEO Alex Clifford’s Severance Package an Example of Costly “Golden Parachute”
  • Waguespack: “Defective” Wall Collapsing Along Metra Tracks in Lincoln Park (DNA)
  • Company Posts Video of Someone riding Electric Skateboard  on LFT — Which Is Illegal (DNA)

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