Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, June 20

  • The CTA Is Extending the Lincoln Bus Pilot, But Not Its Hours. Now What? (DNA)
  • No Citations Yet for Driver Who Killed Richard Schnittker, 21, in Naperville (Tribune)
  • Aurora Man Gets 7 Years for 2013 DUI Crash That Killed Elderly Woman (Sun-Times)
  • Burnett, CDOT: Upcoming Damen Streetscape With No Bike Lanes Complies With Vision Zero Goals
  • Oberman Quitting Metra Board, Says Rahm Has “Other Things in Mind” for Him (Tribune)
  • Hundreds of New Residences Planned for North Branch Industrial Corridor (Curbed)
  • Huh? Crain’s Detroit Says the ‘L’ Is Obsolete Because the Loop Is No Longer Chicago’s Downtown
  • A Cartoon Guide to Outdoor Dining and Drinking Along The Bloomingdale Trail (Chicago Mag)
  • Former Head of Chicago’s Office of Innovation & Technology Speaks at ChiHackNight Tonight at 6:30
  • The Chainlink’s Ferris Beuller-Themed Scavenger Hunt to Benefit World Bicycle Relief Is This Thursday

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  • Chicagoan

    That editorial on Crain’s Detroit Business is baffling beyond belief.

  • Jeremy

    It is baffling, not just the part about Chicago. He says the streetcar along Woodward is going to be a business bonanza, but then doesn’t want the city/county/state to invest in more transit. The system could be more robust if taxpayer dollars are used, instead of just user fees. Non-users will complain that they shouldn’t pay, but they do receive the benefits of less traffic and less pollution. An increase in tax base will further benefit non-users.

    Drivers pay plenty of taxes, they just aren’t called taxes. They are loan payments, auto insurance, and gasoline purchases. If citizens don’t invest in the community, they shouldn’t be surprised when the community starts to falter.

  • Chicagoan

    People want the benefits of a flourishing community w/o having to pay for it, I suppose.

  • Kevin M

    The ghost cars in the “Shared Lane” on the last page of Burnett’s (No) Vision Plan for Damen Ave on the West Side are a graphical lie. In my experience, Chicago auto-drivers (aka cagers) do not willingly share/give a whole lane to cyclists without a honk or aggressive following. Shame on this alderman and CDOT for their disgraceful dishonesty.

  • Deni

    The #11 bus “extension” has been infuriating, and like people say, seems set up purposely to fail. Not just the hours, but not taking the route all the way to its old terminus of North/Clark/LaSalle. I’m up on Fullerton a lot and that bus would come in handy if it would take me to Clark, since the Fullerton bus does not go there. There have been several times I have thought to take the #11 based on where I was and where I had to go next but then it was prior to the service time starting. And if it is not available to take during the morning rush riders will not think to take it for the evening rush. And then there’s the issue with interval times between buses.

    I think if it went all the way to North, frequency was a little better, and ran real hours (5:30 AM to at least 11:30 PM) you would see a real test to whether or not riders would use it. And while we’re at it why not add weekend hours and extend it seasonally to North Ave Beach? (Extension should happen with the Armitage bus too)

  • Carter O’Brien

    What’s that old line about the definition of insanity? Oh yes, repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

    I don’t think the CTA is insane so much as there is a lack of a larger vision and an unwillingness to acknowledge how Lincoln Avenue businesses and housing have evolved and are reliant on that bus, so I would have to agree this experiment was set up to fail (or set up by people who don’t believe in the scientific method).

  • ardecila

    There’s a small kernel of truth to it… the L system was (and still is) woefully absent from newer downtown areas like Streeterville, Central Station, and Lakeshore East. When North Branch gets developed, it too will have that problem. Fortunately River North and West Loop are a little better-served.

  • what_eva

    It would be almost trivial to extend it to Clark because it’s already going down to Webster to turn around. SB goes Lincoln, Sheffield, Fullerton to stop at Fullerton Red/Brown/Purple, then Halsted, Webster, then back north on Lincoln. Instead, after Fullerton, go S on Lincoln to Clark, then back N on Clark to Armitage and back to Lincoln. Easily extended from Lincoln/Clark to the beach in the summer too. I’d do it weekday afternoons too, there’s a lot of people on the beach.

    The lack of running during the morning rush is annoying to me, as the 11 goes between my home and my child’s school. We ride it sometimes after school, but it’s not an option in the morning.

    Your point about people not thinking about it due to not running in the morning definitely applies to me. There are times I’ve outright forgotten it’s there because there’s so much time that it’s not.

  • FlamingoFresh

    I know that they don’t want to expand service hours and days due to cost of the pilot program but why don’t they run a complete bus schedule for a shorter time frame, and then from ridership data collected, determine which hours the bus should run for a more extended pilot service. just because it was asked by a group of individuals for a specific time of day doesn’t mean it wholly represents all people who would use this bus service.