Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 26

  • Chicago’s Population Loss Is Largely Due to African Americans Leaving the City (MPC)
  • 4 Recent Moves to Desegregate the City (MPC)
  • The Rte. 53 Extension Would Only Create More Congestion (Active Trans)
  • Mother Is Suing CPD for Police Pursuit That Led to the Crash Death of Her Son (Sun-Times)
  • Jeff Parkers Discuss the Real Reason They’re Against Affordable Housing: Fear (Sun-Times)
  • Judge Throws Out McPier Lawsuit Against Uber and Lyft (Crain’s)
  • South Side Rail Factory Cleared to Break Ground (Curbed)
  • MPC Looks at Plans to Redevelop the U.S. Steel Site on the SE Side
  • Tribune Architecture Critic Is Disappointed With Union Station Plan
  • Lyft Launches New Luxury Car Service in Chicago (Chicagoist)
  • How Is Closure of LFT for North Side Trail Separation Affecting Your Commute? (The Chainlink)
  • Will You Be Taking a Trip on LSD This Weekend? Bike the Drive Is This Sunday

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  • rohmen

    Based of the MPC article’s findings on what’s driving population loss (namely, losing African-Americans), I think it’s fair to question what impact CHA’s decisions to tear down the majority of housing projects in the City has had on driving that pattern. It’s been reported that CHA is sitting on massive amounts of money that it’s not spending to replace the subsidized housing/projects that it demolishes or isn’t using (like Lathrop, where units sat empty while CHA tried to develop it)

    Sure, we’re losing population, but you have to wonder how much of it is a conscious decision by higher-ups (not that I agree with it, but I think there’s a concerted effort to push groups out going on here).