Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, December 21

  • Billionaire Rauner Backer Ken Griffin Gives $12 Million for Lakefront Trail Separation (Sun-Times)
  • Illinois Lost 37,508 People in 2016, More Than Any Other State (Tribune)
  • CTA Workers Will Protest for New Contract Today, No Service Disruptions Planned (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Charged With Aggravated DUI for Posen Crash That Killed 3, Critically Injured 1 (Sun-Times)
  • Community Group Pushing for 100% Affordable TOD for Parking Lot Next to Logan Station (DNA)
  • Randolph Named America’s 2nd Best Bike Lane of 2016, Aurora PBL Is #4 (People for Bikes)
  • How to Be a Good Neighbor This Winter: Join City’s Snow Corps, Don’t Do “Dibs” (Curbed)
  • Today’s 606 Trail Report: “Combination of Icy Patches & Deeper Snow, Challenging to Ride” (FOTBT)
  • 150K Candy Canes Distributed: CTA Holiday Train Statistics (Tribune)

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  • what_eva

    This is simply ridiculous. The ramp to the metra tracks is nowhere near the Kennedy ramps (metra ramp is on Ashland just south of Cortland, nearest Kennedy ramps are on Armitage). I doubt their “GPS told them to do it” and even if it did, use some common sense and ignore your GPS if it tells you to turn into what looks from the street like an entrance to a gated industrial lane, has Union Pacific signs and absolutely no signage whatsoever that says “I-90/I-94 this way”.

    Yet more proof that it’s way too easy to get a driver’s license in this country.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I attended the community meetings that Alderman Rosa is now citing as support for 100% affordable housing (the same meetings that he all but discounted as “not the will of the community” when he first came into office) and he is definitely mischaracterizing what came out of those meetings. And I say this as someone who would support 100% affordable housing on that lot.

    The group(s) that packed those meetings pushing 100% affordability were also anti-density and didn’t want anything over 4 (maybe 5) floors and anti-public funding (TIF and the like) to build said housing. There were also demands of underground parking, large 3-BR units and historically consistent architecture and materials. For a 100% affordable project. LSP’s mention of an indoor farmers market was a fringe concern as well.

    Just because you slap the tag “progressive” on your policy/community process doesn’t automatically make it so.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Didn’t an article come out last week about Chicago gaining population? Are these tallies coming from the same sources? All the various population data stories leave me confused tbh.

  • rohmen

    Spot on. There’s been a vocal NIMBY contingent of anti-density SFH owners in Logan Square for a long time. Personally, I think a lot of them have joined the anti-luxury TOD contingent solely because “affordable housing” as a goal sounds a lot better than “we don’t want our bedroom neighborhood to grow,” and the interests at the time were aligned, but it still boils down for many to keeping density low to keep Logan “quiet.” All it takes is a potential large-scale affordable housing development to be proposed for the true goals to reemerge.

  • Dibs makes driving harder. Harder driving increases incentives to use transit and biking. Therefore dibs is a good thing.

  • State lost. City gained.

  • BlueFairlane

    Dibs makes driving harder for the non-assholes who don’t practice dibs. It makes driving easier for the assholes who do. The two situations balance each other out so that there’s no net change in overall ease of driving, just more assholes.

  • ohsweetnothing

    100% agree with you. I’ve pointed it out time and time again (who’s interests are really being served here) to friends and acquaintances. I think many of them hear me, but are also battling their own urges to participate/donate to something that’s seen around the neighborhood as local and progressive.

    It’s not like we have an alternative organization in Logan (that I know of. Do we??) and even if we did, we know which ones the Alderman is listening to. :-/

  • ohsweetnothing

    That’s what I recalled as well, which makes this passage in the Trib article confusing:

    “Census data released last year suggested the root of the problem was the Chicago area, which in 2015 saw its first population decline since at least 1990, having lost 6,263 residents.”

  • It’s harder for the assholes as well. There are fewer places to park at potential destinations for dibs users as well.

  • Yeah lots of stuff lately so confusing. The city lost in 2015 but gained in 2016. The state has lost the last three years.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Ah, 2015. Got it now thanks.

  • planetshwoop

    Rosa is unusually selective in who he listens to. I speak from experience.

  • what_eva

    The thing that gets me is the same people are anti-density and then are surprised when their local retail corridors struggle due to that same lack of density.