Today’s Headlines for Monday, September 19, 2016

  • Bicycling Magazine Names Chicago #1 Bike-Friendly City in Semi-Annual Contest (Tribune)
  • Comparing the Argyle Shared Street to Actual Asian Shared Streets (Transitized)
  • Some People Don’t Want Diverter Trial, Starting Today, if it Means More Car Traffic Elsewhere (Sun-Times)
  • Whose Idea Was the Diverter? DNAinfo Shares the Facts
  • North Branch Trail Extension’s First Section Will Open Wednesday (Tribune)
  • RTA Paying for Jefferson Park Transit Center Access and TOD Plan (DNAinfo)
  • Map Based on Dubious Rent Statistics Shows Prices by Location of CTA Stations (Chicagoist)

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  • Anne A

    The only way to see if something like the Manor/Wilson diverter is effective for its intended purpose is to test it. Hopefully the test period will provide enough useful data.

  • The “North Branch Trail Extension” story’s link does not go to the right Trib story.

  • Scroll down. There are 4 stories in this post.
    It looks like new transportation reporter Mary Wisniewski is doing what Hilkevitch did in his “Getting Around” column.

  • Chicagoan

    Nice to know the Times is aware of the detriment of the parking minimum.

    When I take the trash out, there’s an apartment building across the alley with around a dozen parking spots and there are never more than four cars in the stalls. Often times it’s one or two cars max. Those spots are a waste of space in a dense neighborhood and could’ve been more residential units.

  • JacobEPeters

    the article says that the trail will open on Wednesday, not Monday.

  • planetshwoop

    It’s there now! I posted pix to Twitter on #bikechi. There is a traffic counter at Giddings and Manor. From Wilson you can only go E-W, not turn on Manor. But can turn from Lawrence onto Manor…

  • fixed, thanks.