Today’s Headlines for Friday, September 9

  • 958-Foot-Tall Tower Proposed Alongside Union Station (Curbed)
  • CDOT Releases a User’s Guide to Address the Argyle Learning Curve (Curbed)
  • The Tribune Runs Yet Another Flat-Earth Anti-Bike Rant by John McCarron
  • Metra Is Having 41 Locomotives Rebuilt — First One Is Back in Service (Railway Gazette)
  • Have Your Say on Plans for Uptown’s “Inner Coastal Zone” at Meeting Series (DNA)
  • What Are the Worst Streets for Bike Lane Blockage? (The Chainlink)
  • A Biography of Phyllis Harmon, Including Her Chicago-Area Bike Advocacy (The Chainlink)
  • Video: Bike Thieves Use Angle Grinder to Gank 2 Bikes on Near West Side (DNA)
  • Support the Manor Greenway Plan at the 9/22 33rd Ward TAC Meeting (Active Trans)

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  • Anne A

    Flat earth – yeah, that’s a good description for McCarron’s short-sighted rant.

  • Re: CDOT Users Guide to Argyle. See. I wasn’t crazy when I wrote up my “New Argyle Explained” post.

    But for me the required “learning curve” is a feature rather than a bug.

  • Matt F

    that tower is fUgly!

  • ohsweetnothing

    My favorite part is him griping that cyclists don’t pay gas tax, hahaha.

    These cranks have got to just be aiming for word counts at this point.

  • ohsweetnothing
  • Kevin M


  • what_eva

    It appears to be on the block that contains the new transit center. Not sure if it would only take the park of the block with the parking deck.

  • what_eva

    No kidding.

    Dear cranky old man. Even a big cyclist like me weighs a fraction of what a small car, let alone what an SUV weighs. That means I have *way* less effect on road wear.

    The one that gets me is the tired “cyclists don’t stop at stop signs!” Neither do drivers, cranky old man.

  • Chicagoan

    With each turd of an opinion piece the Tribune publishes by John McCarron, they lose more & more legitimacy.