Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 10

  • Plenty of Mainstream Coverage for Cardenas’ Speed Cam Publicity Stunt (NBC, FOX, CBS, DNA)
  • Man on Bike, 43, Fatally Struck in West-Suburban Oak Brook (Sun-Times)
  • Man, 56, Fatally Struck in South-Suburban Midlothian (Sun-Times)
  • Police Release Photos of Hit-and-Run Motorbike Rider Who Injured Woman on Sidewalk (DNA)
  • 114 Ticketed in Jeff Park DUI Crackdown (DNA)
  • SUV Driver Crashes Into Paving Truck on Lake Shore Drive — No Serious Injuries (ABC)
  • Driver Crashes in Wicker Park, Car Winds Up Jammed Between Pole & Church (DNA)
  • Op-Ed: Contrary to What Cabbies Say, Chicago Has Too Many Restrictions on Ride-Share (Crain’s)
  • Police: Man Stole Ventra Cards Meant for Homeless CPS Students, Resold Them (Sun-Times)
  • Divvy Station Is Being Removed From Hirsch/Leavitt After Vandals Cause $8K in Damage (DNA)
  • Redfin Ranks Chicago’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods
  • Veteran Transportation Reporters Hilkevitch & Wronski Are Leaving the Tribune (Politico)

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  • Kevin M

    Now’s your opportunity, John, to inject your talent in to the Tribune machine.

  • Thanks, but it might be tough to do progressive transportation reporting in a publication that’s so heavily dependent on car ads.

  • Anne A

    Moving that Divvy station closer to the Hideout sounds like a win to me.

  • Matt

    I’ve been waiting for a station close to Stanley’s for a while now, so I’m pretty excited about that aspect. With The Hideout, Ada Street and Local Foods being right there as well, it’s a great spot that I will use plenty.

  • Anne A

    Seems likely that use of that relocated station will increase a LOT – a win all around.