Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, October 28

  • Pullman National Park Could Include Transit Upgrades, Divvy Station, Bike Shop (DNA)
  • Reilly & Tunney Want to Make Parts of Their Wards Off-Limits to Food Carts (Tribune)
  • Metra Wins $14 Million TIGER Grant to Replace 134-Year-Old Bridge Near Elgin (Herald)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Senior Returns to the Scene, Police Impound His Vehicle (Herald)
  • Bikeurious Talks With John About Why Fullerton/Halsted/Lincoln Has a High Crash Rate
  • Logan Square Twin Towers TOD Project Receives Construction Permits (Curbed)
  • Overhaul of Hancock Center Plaza Proposed, Including Giant Prism Sculpture (DNA)
  • West Town Bikes Interns Weigh in on How to Improve River Access (MPC)
  • Tweets About Transportation Fails During the Obama Visit (DNA)
  • Bridgeport Alliance Meets Thursday to Discuss Campaign to Bring Back 31st St. Bus (DNA)

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  • Kevin M

    The replacement/upgrade of that MD-W bridge is/was part of the plan for Amtrak service to Rockford (via the MD-W). Glad to see this part is moving forward, anyway.

  • What iteration of the Hancock Center Plaza is this? Third, sixth, eighth? Talk about a failed architectural feature. The sunken plaza just grates on me every time I see it.

  • The one advantage of it is that in the colder months, it’s less windy than ground level and traps a lot of sunshine, so it’s very nice to use the outdoor seating.

  • dr

    Metra Grant: that should read $14 million grant and 134-year-old bridge – my eyes bugged out when I thought that was the correct price tag.

  • Does that sculpture remind anyone else of the ter’angreal at Rhuidean?