Today’s Headlines for Monday, June 28

  • Chicago’s Parking Meter Deal Is a Textbook Example of a Bad P3 (Fortune)
  • 53-Year-Old Man Fatally Struck While Biking in Hanover Park (Tribune)
  • How to Exit a Cab So That You Don’t Injure or Kill Anyone (FK Law)’
  • An Infographic on Illinois’ 3-Foot Rule (Keating Law)
  • Brewery Owner: Bringing Back Happy Hour in Illinois Will Lead to More DUI Deaths (NYT)
  • What Do Self-Driving Cars Mean for the Future of Cities? (MPC)
  • Metra Defenda Tasing of Non-Violent Passenger by Police (Tribune)
  • The Opposite of TOD? Pritzker Wants to Build 50 Units, 75 Spots Next to ‘L’ Station (DNA)
  • Metra Completes $4 Million Rehab of Flossmoor Station (CBS)
  • Urine Trouble: Lack of Bathrooms Means 606 Visitors Are Swamping Local Businesses (DNA)
  • 4 Quick Tips for Improving Your Bike Commute (Chicago Mag)
  • A Brief History of Bicycling in Elgin (Tribune)

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  • Anne A
  • BlueFairlane

    I think the biggest impact self-driving cars will have on cities is that city news agencies will experience a steady rise in the number of articles about what self-driving cars will mean to cities while the technology repeatedly fails to come to fruition over the next 20 years or so.

    The second biggest impact self-driving cars will have on cities is on guardrails.

  • Fixed, thanks.

  • Metrarider

    With regard to the guy on the Metra, you do realize that someone can resist arrest without being violent, right? Particularly when you’re an oversized meathead with a head full of booze. Watch the video. The (underage) “victim,” who was with his drunk meathead buddies, was being a belligerent jerk and refused to settle down when asked to do so. He then refused to cooperate with the police when he was being ejected from the train. He got what he deserved.

    For a transit advocacy website, it makes no sense that you post loaded headlines (“non-violent passenger”) when Metra is trying to keep the environment on its trains pleasant and orderly for the traveling public. Would you prefer that Metra lose control of its trains? Pretty sure that, if given the option, the public would rather drive their own cars instead of dealing with drunken idiots.