Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, June 23

  • Merchants Worried About Parking Conversions for Clybourn PBLs, But Spaces Are Underused (DNA)
  • Editorial: Carter’s Sweet CTA Retirement Deal at 52 Is Symptom of Broken Pension System (Sun-Times)
  • Income Segregation & Long Commutes Hurt a City’s Economy Overall (Chicago Mag)
  • Truck Driver Rear-Ends Car on I-55 Near Elwood, Killing 14-Year-Old Girl (Tribune)
  • Trucker Who Allegedly Fell Asleep on I-55, Injuring 14, Faces Multiple Charges (Tribune)
  • 4 Years After Crashing in Pothole Next to Tracks, Cyclist Wins $350K From Railroad (Keating)
  • LAZ Parking Executive Fired After Federal Allegations of Kickback Scheme (Sun-Times)
  • Letter: Now That the Illiana Is Almost Dead, Rauner Should Kill the Rte. 53 Extension (Herald)
  • The Sun-Times Catches Wind of the South Shore Line’s Anti-Bike Policies
  • Active Trans Is Bringing Back Its Kids on Wheels Program for a Second Year
  • Montrose Beach Accommodates 35K People With Zero Parking for Mumford & Sons (DNA)
  • Community Meeting Tonight at 5 p.m. to Discuss North Red Line Station Closures (DNA)

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  • BlueFairlane

    Here’s a nitpicky comment:

    Referring to the 53 extension as “I-53” makes it sound like it’s an interstate highway, but there is no Interstate 53. Route 53 is a state road, so it should be IL 53.

  • Not at all, thanks for pointing out the typo.

  • what_eva

    Was there really *zero* parking for the Mumford & Sons concert? The way I read the article was that the parallel parking along Montrose and Wilson was closed. It wasn’t clear to me if they also closed the perpendicular spots on Simonds or the parking lots off of Montrose and Wilson.

    Granted, those lots don’t have anywhere near enough spots for 35k people to drive, so the promoters would still need to push people to use transit/walk/cycle, I’m just questioning your report of *zero* parking.

  • From an earlier DNA article:

    “We’ve stressed and continue to stress that there is no parking,” said operations manager David Carlucci, who addressed residents Tuesday evening regarding the June 17 lakefront show, which is expected to draw 35,000 people to the Montrose Beach area near Cricket Hill. “Please do not drive to Montrose Beach Harbor.”

  • what_eva

    anyone go? I’m curious as to whether they actually closed the Wilson lot.