Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 19

  • 50 Percent of Renters Along North Side Red Line Have No Car but Have a Parking Space (MPC)
  • Developer Plans New Skyscrapers in South Loop with Driveways on Harrison Bike Lane
  • Mumford & Sons Concert, With 5,000 Bike Valet Spaces, Rescheduled to Tonight (Tribune)
  • Exec at LAZ Parking, Parking Meter Operators, Goes on Leave During FBI Probe (Sun-Times)
  • Police to Enforce Driving Under the Influence in Auburn-Gresham Saturday Night (DNA)
  • Semi-Truck Driver Falls Asleep on Stevenson, Injuring Six People (Sun-Times)
  • Tribune Publishes Map of Ghost Bikes, Which Honor Those Killed While Cycling
  • Police Pulled Over Motorists Who Didn’t Stop for Pedestrians in Wicker Park (Reddit)
  • Have You Encountered One of These Six Bloomingdale Trail Characters? (Time Out)
  • Beverly Resident Says California/Milwaukee in Logan Square is “Healthy Street” (Main Street Beverly)

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  • Pat

    Reading the Crain’s South Loop article, I didn’t see anything discussing where the driveways would be. Was that they would be on Harrison, rather than say Wells, presented somewhere else?

  • I’m sorry about that. The driveway info was seen on

  • Pat

    Looking at the renderings, they definitely have a redundant entrance on Harrison that could be eliminated right off the bat.

    It appears they do not own the corner lot of Wells and Harrison unfortunately or maybe they just not including it in this development?

  • Anne A

    It makes sense to do high density development at this location, but having a curb cut on Harrison there is a VERY bad idea. It would be much safer if all the curb cuts were along Wells.

    Glad this will result in a new riverwalk section.

  • Dan

    A note on the first headline: “50 Percent of Renters Along North Side Red Line Have No Car but Have a Parking Space”, that reads like there must be vast swaths of empty parking spots today, but I don’t think that’s true (and the source doesn’t claim that).

    For example, it should be more like “50 Percent of Renters Along North Side Red Line Have No Car, But Building New Units Requires A 1:1 Parking Ratio”. Also it’s only within 0.5 mile of Belmont (units roughly in the circle from Addison to Fullerton and Southport to Broadway).

    Still a good link and the parking requirements zoning criticism is valid.

  • cjlane

    Yeah, the blurb in the post is incorrect, and completely unsupported by the linked article.

    And, Dan, you meant “Diversey” rather than “Fullerton”, I think.

  • cjlane

    Look at the whole project:

    They don’t control the corner of Wells & Harrison, and would need to completely re-conceptualize to provide car access to Subarea A, and part of Subarea B.

    Would it be better to have no entrance on Harrison? Sure. But at what cost to the project as a whole?

  • I changed the link to the correct one, at

  • What cost to the people who use Harrison does this project bring, versus the cost to people who use Wells Street?

    It doesn’t seem difficult to have developed an internal circulation plan instead of one where each building relies on independent circulation with the streets.

    The New City development at Clybourn/Halsted has some internal circulation and I’m looking forward to seeing how that works. There are a lot of uses there (mall, movie theater, bowling alley, Mariano’s, 190+ housing units) and a massive parking garage. Not to mention 7 underground loading docks.

  • cjlane

    Everyone dumps on New City for being too “suburban”. I think it’s better than all of the likely alternatives, once it was no longer going to be a Y and ball fields (that is, 10 years ago).

    As to this project, your vote Steven, is that they should have ditched most of the park area to provide for a driveway?? Because that’s the result, if you maintain about the same size and number of buildings, and mush them around to work off of the Wells entrance.

    It looks to me like they have the Harrison driveway teed up to be directly south of the end of Franklin, so it will be a partly-signalized driveway.

  • I feel that “driveway teed up” is going to make an already bad, IDOT-created, CDOT-patched situation worse.

  • cjlane

    Perhaps, but do you have a suggestion that: (1) allows a substantially similar density/building count/etc (feel free to re-orient some/all of the buildings, but assume that the base shapes stay roughly the same) and (2) doesn’t require redoing the development so that it’s similar to New City, and essentially cut off from the river?

    btw, I’d be 100% for aggressive camera enforcement of ‘no turn on red’ at the intersection. Wouldn’t make residents happy, but would be helpful in harm reduction.

  • birdonawire

    More like wishful thinking to support an ill-conceived idea.