Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, May 27

  • Details of Weber Spur Plan Released; Arena Wants It Extended to 45th Ward (DNA)
  • The Elston Reroute Project Starts Tomorrow (Tribune)
  • More Meters & Congestion Pricing Could Lead to City Making Money Off Parking Contract (Chicago)
  • IL Soybean Association Teams Up With Accellerate IL to Push for Better Infrastructure (MPC)
  • 10 Kids Suffer Minor Injuries After Schoolbus Crash in Brookfield Zoo Parking Lot (ABC)
  • Uptown Streetscape Project Delayed Due to Vaulted Sidewalk Issues (DNA)
  • Proposed TOD Project at 2518 N. Lincoln Would Have 200 Units, 138 Parking Spots (DNA)
  • A Dish Best Served Cold: Strip Mall Cracks Down on Illegal Dairy Queen Parkers (Tribune)
  • The Creative Reuse Warehouse Is Moving Into a 119-Year-Old Streetcar Garage (DNA)
  • Gallery: A Look Back at the Construction of the Riverwalk Extension (Architecture Chicago)
  • Is the Path on the New Riverwalk Segment Suitable for Biking? (The Chainlink)
  • An ‘L’ of a Dance Routine: CTA Rider Gets Down on the Red Line (DNA)

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  • So some good news as regards the parking metering rip-off. I had imagined one-for-one replacement of parking spots but it appears that it’s dollar-for-dollar replacement. And it appears that there is room for creative money capture as well as some actual revenue generation for the city.

    I don’t suppose the data is open-sourced to us too.

    With parking being so often very price sensitive how about this: where residential blocks have permit parking take one side of the street and meter it. Allow the residents to still park if they have purchased their permit. If too many people are taking advantage of the metered parking, causing complaints by the residents, then jack up the meter rate. If not enough people are using the empty spaces then offer the .25 per hour deal.

  • So in this plan, a valid permit for that numbered area counts as a “you can park in metered spots for free” pass? I wonder how the parking enforcement folks would like that.

  • I don’t understand your question. Just like regular. Either there is a printed metered payment displayed or there is a permit parking pass displayed. Or is permit parking enforced via license plate numbers? If so then the enforcers from the parking company would need the same data to access. But I don’t see the problem you suggest.

    Not all metered spots, just the ones on that block. Is that what you mean?

  • Right now, so far as I understand, parking permits are irrelevant to meters — you get ticketed if you haven’t paid the meter, regardless of whatever else you have on your dash.

  • So?

    Are there really places now where permit and metered parking overlap? That seems strange. How does it work?