Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, May 20

  • An In-Depth Look at the Red-Purple Modernization Project (DNA)
  • How Much Farther Will Customers Have to Walk During the RPM Work? (DNA)
  • Man Dies After CTA Bus-Pedestrian Crash in Canaryville (Tribune)
  • Do IDOT’s Dynamic Message Signs Encourage People to Drive Safely? (Tribune)
  • FK Law Discusses Bike Crashes That Involve Brain Injuries
  • Delays for Commuters After Metra Electric Train Derails Downtown (Sun-Times)
  • 1st Public Meeting on Weber Spur Trail to Be Held Next Tuesday (Curbed)
  • CBS Catches Wind of the City’s First Curb-Protected Bike Lanes
  • Tales of the Bloomingdale Trail You Won’t Read in The 606 Brochures (Sun-Times)
  • Festivities Galore for the Trail’s June 6 Grand Opening (The 606)
  • Ride of Silence Taking Place Tonight, Gathering at Daley Plaza at 6 PM (Keating)

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  • duppie

    DNA linked to a nice video made by CTA of the Belmont bypass.
    The argument of opponents that it would be a enormous structure that doesn’t fit in Lakeview doesn’t hold true. The train seems to be rising as high as a four story building. Four story buildings are pretty common in Lakeview.

  • I saw that too. I was very impressed with the scale as well. Also my concerns about building removal were very much eased with the redevelopment potentials they illustrated.

    Track level here ->

    Street level here ->

  • The videos do a great job but the same time they illustrate the need for the CTA to get their redevelopment ducks in a row so we don’t get a repeat of the Brown Line’s empty lots. Not a deal-breaker by any means and with the project being so close to Wrigley Field I’m sure there will be plenty of buyers.

    That being said the 2017 start date is still super optimistic with the fanatical opposition, more time to find good developers I guess.

  • The duck they would need would be one that everyone opposed would love to have come to the neighborhood. I have no idea what would count as a hyper-desirable development for that area.