Today’s Headlines

  • CDOT Says Yellow Light Timing Is Legal, But Some Tickets Are Being Dismissed (Tribune)
  • Aldermen Push for Express Train From O’Hare to Downtown, McCormick Place (RedEye)
  • Driver Fatally Strikes 60-Year-Old Woman in Evanston; No Citations (Tribune)
  • Trucker Critically Injures Cyclist 3 Blocks From Mulberry Safety Zone, Flees (DNA)
  • Passenger Who Was Paralyzed in DUI Sues Driver & Bars That Served Him (DNA)
  • MPC Looks at Batavia’s River Street and the Upcoming Shared Street on Argyle
  • Streets Near Damen Blue Stop Will Close to Overnight Traffic for Station Rehab (DNA)
  • Police Set Up Manned Barricades on Jonquil Terrace to Deter Crime (DNA)
  • CTA Tips for Chicago Marathon Runners and Spectators (RedEye)
  • Go Bronzeville‘s Ronnie Harris Launches Build It! Bronzeville Planning App (Crain’s)
  • Groovy New Mosaic Installed at Thornadale ‘L’ Stop (DNA)
  • Ex-Curitiba Mayor Discuses New Book “Urban Acupuncture” at MPC on 10/21, 5-7 P.M.

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  • Anne A

    And Metra proposes another fare increase. *sigh* I wonder how much the actual increase will be for my monthly C ticket. That went up 33% with the last “25% average increase” from $94.25 to $121.00.

    I don’t argue that improvements to the system are needed. I wish they’d just have smaller increases each year so the jumps don’t hurt so much and they could do better maintenance on an ongoing basis.

  • skyrefuge

    Ugh, this sounds like yet another case of the city needlessly shooting themselves in the foot regarding political support for cameras. It’s extremely doubtful that the yellow-light timing has actually changed; the more likely explanation is that the new vendor is just calculating/rounding it differently than the old vendor (and if there is any conspiracy, it’s more likely that it was the old vendor *overstating* the yellow times in order to prevent dismissals like this).

    But if the new vendor’s calculation shows less than 3 seconds, WHY DOES THE CITY EVEN ISSUE A CITATION?! An automated system can simply say “oops, yellow-time was too short in that one, so no violation”. Yes, that will give an undeserved free pass to someone who went through a light 2 seconds after it turned red (the too-short yellow-light is irrelevant in that case), but if the judges are going to be tossing them on that basis anyway, it makes no political sense to require an appeal to overturn what an automated system can easily spot. The city might as well just print “Safety? Ha! We just want your money!” in bold letters on every citation. So dumb.

  • Fred

    Metra should designate one month a year as ‘Fare Increase Month’. February seems popular. Then, every year in October, Metra would announce whether or not there would be a fare increase in the following February, and if so, how much.

    Even better, the default should be an increase of 2-3% every single February, and every October Metra would announce if it needed to be higher than that. The rate increases would be predictable and several smaller increases are better than fewer larger ones. It seems like this simple change would greatly increase user satisfaction. People don’t like unknowns.

    EDIT: After having read the Tribune and Sun-Times articles about the fare increases, it does appear that they are doing what I suggest… at least for the next decade. Hopefully after this capital campaign, prices will reach levels where longer-term, smaller increases are viable.

  • Roland Solinski

    Did you read the Crains article? The 2015 fare increase is only 10.8% and smaller in the following years. Might be a little painful at first, but it is a fair way to raise revenue – the fare increase only covers 17% of the cost of new cars/locomotives, with the vast majority coming from federal/state grants.

  • Roland Solinski

    In the selfishness department, the fare increase should price some people off of the most crowded Metra trains and clear up more space for me.

    In the terrible news department , these priced-out people will most likely switch to driving.

    I am bummed that none of these plans contemplate an increase in service. Additional trains are surely needed on many Metra lines, especially in the afternoon/evening.

  • CL

    I suspect distracted driving in the Evanston collision. Lake and Oak is a quiet area with wide streets, good visibility, and generally slow-moving traffic due to all of the stop signs. It’s hard to imagine not seeing a pedestrian until impact. Horrible news, whatever happened.

  • Anne A

    Yes, I did read the Crain’s article. Having small regular fare increases would be a better solution than how they’ve been doing it. Getting hit with another 11% or more this next time isn’t ideal, but it’s better than 33%.

  • Anne A

    Kinda like Groundhog Day. ;)

  • Harvey Marx

    I’ve always been an advocate for a 4-tracked HSR line between Chicago-Minneapolis where one set of tracks makes “local” stops at O’Hare, Elgin, etc. Maybe if we find a ROW and lay tracks to HSR specs between downtown and O’Hare we can make the government move on the rest of the line.

  • Anne A

    On the Rock Island, we’ve lost ridership in the last few years between continued poor economic condition, with the loss presumably accelerated by the huge fare increase last time around. The result: fewer open cars and more delays on off-peak trains, and rough track conditions in some areas.

  • Guest123
  • I can’t wait to start wishing people a happy Metra fare increase month. :-)

  • i <3 keto

    It’s a poor economic condition thanks to democratic governor pat Quinn. Nationally, the stock market is at all time highs and unemployment at pre 2008 levels.