Today’s Headlines

  • Chicago-to-Quad-Cities Passenger Rail Line Is Slowly Moving Forward (Quad Cities Times)
  • Almost 1,500 People Have Filled Out Survey About Impact of Lincoln Bus Cancellation (DNA)
  • Hyde Park SSA Considers Providing Free Trolley Service on 53rd (DNA)
  • Dillard Quits State Legislature to Chair RTA (CBS)
  • Klein Touts the Potential of Transit to Boost Cities’ Economies (Nashville Biz Blog)
  • Parents Complain After Woman Kicked Off Train for Non-Payment; Metra Changes Policy (NBC)
  • Flooding Temporarily Shut Down Sections of the Blue Line, Ike (RedEye)
  • More on the Museum Campus Transportation Task Force (RedEye)
  • Drunk Driver Hits Cars, Food Mart, Fish Sculpture in Rogers Park (DNA)
  • Thieves Use Fake IDs to Test Ride, Steal Bikes From Local Shops (CBS)
  • Bizarre Seattle Bike Design Beats Chicago’s “Blackline” in Oregon Manifest Contest (RedEye)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    I’m glad the “secret” about Swap-o-Rama is starting to get out.

  • Str0ng

    The state is broke yet has money for a silly train line to the quad cities, of which it hasn’t even factored in the costs of buying the actual trains themselves. Buses are cheaper and just as fast, and require no capital investment other than the actual buses.

    No mention of ridership estimates or break even analysis. Probably because it will be a subsidized operation of the state designed to please a few well connected land owners.

  • Every transportation mode and piece of infrastructure in Illinois on which the public can travel has been subsidized by everyone who lives in the state.

  • Str0ng

    True but which is the most efficient use of transportation funds? I have a hard time believing it’s a Quad Cities to Chicago right, especially considering all the (IMO rightfully sometimes, most times?) complaining about transportation here.

    not to mention the immense backlog of capital improvements needed by Metra and CTA.

    IMO this is a symptom of the spread the wealth politics that plagues democracies that feature a senate of any kind. rural communities are over represented and get a disproportionate share of funds.

  • Str0ng

    Some folks want the Lincoln Ave bus fully restored yet there is currently no funding for it that I’m aware of. It will be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than that silly train line and have a similar ridership (just guessing based on the Hiawatha service to Milwaukee and assuming less to Quad Cities).

  • Train service to the Quad Cities though? It does seem like a mis-prioritization.

  • Kevin M

    The service is intended to continue on to Iowa City.

    Why is this a bad prioritization? The Quad Cities have over 300k in population.

  • essma dee

    Why is the Seattle bike design “Bizarre”? Did you mean to say utilitarian?

  • Perhaps you have never been to the Quad Cities? All joking aside, it’s hard to believe this will be a well-used route that will showcase the potential of midwest rail links.

  • Bizarre is not necessarily bad. I’m sure people thought the modern “safety” bicycle (as opposed to the high wheeler) looked bizarre when it first came out.

  • If you don’t believe the Quad Cities is a worthwhile destination, you obviously haven’t listened to the song “Rock Island” by Illinois First!, my Land of Lincoln-centric rock band:

  • FG

    There have been plenty of ridership analysis studies done as well as popular advocacy in the Quad Cities area if you’d care to look it up. Ironically, this route has been pushed for more and more publicized than the Rockford service which is actually going to begin sooner.

  • FG

    Hyde Park Trolley – dumbest idea ever.

  • Str0ng

    If you’re talking about this one

    they estimate just over 300 people per day would ride from the Quad Cities to Chicago. 300!!

    That is pathetically low and obviously not worth the money compared to hundreds of more efficient uses of transit money that exists.

  • Please elaborate.

  • C Monroe

    Why? Many business districts across the country are implementing it or are considering it. Not just CBDs.

  • That’s a really good question, and I don’t think transportation spending means we have to devolve to choosing “this or that”.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Very cool, John! I’m always happy to find someone else who actually likes Illinois.

  • Thanks!


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