Second Person in One Week Killed After Exiting Vehicle Under Kennedy

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The crash site. Image: Google Street View

This morning, a truck driver was fatally struck after he exited his vehicle following a minor crash on Division Street by the Kennedy Expressway. It happened six days after a similar tragedy only four blocks north, at North Avenue and the Kennedy.

Last Saturday morning, Kim Kyeyul, 72, was driving a car on North, just east of the expressway, when he rear-ended a semi truck. Kyeyul got out of his vehicle to talk to the truck driver, who was stopped in the outside lane of the four-lane road. He was then struck and killed by a second trucker who was attempting to pass.

Today around 6:30 a.m., a male truck driver pulling a dump trailer was involved in a minor collision with a female minivan driver at Division and the northbound offramp of the Kennedy. Names have not been released. The trucker, believed to be in his thirties, got out of his vehicle to take pictures of the damage.

He was then struck by another truck driver’s rear wheels as the second trucker turned east onto Division from the offramp, according to fire department spokesman Larry Langford. The victim died at the scene. The second truck driver, who was unhurt, remained at the crash site. The car driver was also uninjured, but she witnessed the fatal collision and was traumatized. She was taken to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center for evaluation, authorities said.

In the wake of the crash, state police closed all the expressway ramps on Division for several hours. The Chicago Police Department’s Major Accidents Investigation Unit is looking into the case.

Fatality Tracker: 2014 Chicago pedestrian and bicyclist deaths

Pedestrian: 10 (4 were hit-and-run crashes)
Bicyclist: 0

  • SP_Disqus

    Less personal automobiles and trucks on roadways might lessen the number of accidents like this.

  • oooBooo

    “pedestrian” is getting padded significantly by “motorist who exited vehicle in the middle of the roadway” It’s at least 30% of the total to date.

  • Various news reports in both of the cases mentioned here described the victims as pedestrians.

  • oooBooo

    Subject specialists should strive to meet a higher technical standard than mainstream news writers.

  • The OED defines a pedestrian as “A person walking along a road or in a developed area.” That’s what these people had been doing before they were struck.

  • oooBooo

    They were -standing- outside their vehicles -in- the roadway.

  • cjlane

    Nevermind that–this one doesn’t include the Streetsblog standard “killed by a driver”–this dude was “fatally struck” by “rear wheels”.

    So, I’d have to say that this one does’t count.