Today’s Headlines

  • Milwaukee PBLs & Road Diet Face Stiff Opposition at Raucous NW Side Meeting (DNA)
  • After Several Ped Deaths and Injuries on Devon, Safety Improvements Planned (DNA)
  • Over 1,400 Drivers Caught Speeding by McKinley Park Cams (DNA)
  • An Update on Ventra Tap Times (RedEye)
  • Police: SUV Driver Who Killed Two Women in Stalled Minivan Was DUI (Tribune)
  • Postal Truck Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian by City Hall (Tribune)
  • Chicago Paying $16 Million in Settlements to Victims of DUI by City Worker (Sun-Times)
  • New Development Would Bring 200 More Parking Spaces to Lincoln Park (DNA)
  • Pawar Holds Ward Night to Field Complaints About Plowing (DNA)
  • What Angelenos Can Learn From Ex-CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein (Streetsblog LA)
  • Sound Advice for Winter Biking and Interviews With All-Season Cyclists (RedEye)

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  • CL

    My problem isn’t the tap time, it’s that I often have to tap 2-3 times before it accepts my card. The first time, it says “Stop” — then I tap again, and it says “Go.” That’s what is slowing me down.

  • I think you guys really missed out on the public meeting that we had in the 45th Ward last night. Well attended – at least 75 people. Most in opposition to change. CDOT approached the problem from a safety standpoint but needed a stronger message. Bikes and peds are important in this part of the City – we’ve got one of the largest CTA/Pace/Metra multimodal stations at Jefferson Park at one end and the trail head for the North Branch Trail at the other. Hopefully you guys can show up at the next one.

  • R

    My thoughts exactly. Was at this meeting, and was looking for Steven or John there. This meeting was quite… umm fascinating.

  • I wasn’t there but do you think the problem is CDOT overselling the bike lane? Or is that DNA’s fault? A road diet is good in itself. It slows people down and makes it easier to cross the street. That the extra space can be used for a bike lane is just a bonus.

  • R

    I think the NW side can be just soooo old school Chicago, lived here 20+ years. Afraid of any upgrades, much less change. I have been to multiple meetings around the city about Complete Streets. Nothing like this, just a buzzsaw. I respect the man that walked up to the mic and said he was afraid of crossing the 78′ street with his two young daughters to just go to the park. A project like this will require some BIG outreach. CDOT did a great job illustrating the safety of this project…just doesn’t come through to people

  • Fred

    What, you’re not going to blame the city for someone falling in the river again?

  • alexfrancisburchard

    do you “tap” or do you leave it on the reader until it says stop/go?

  • Shaun, CDOT mentioned the meeting was informational only and they were in the data collection phase but then proceeded to introduce the road diet. There is already bike lanes out there, just not protected. There is also a plan for Pace’s Milwaukee Avenue ART, which should have been discussed in more detail. Ultimately, the public got hung up on the road diet, which they then assumed would be at the sole benefit of bicyclists (while not including the tangible benefits to transit riders and pedestrians). I wish CDOT would have emphasized a little more on the safety aspects, the potential PBL (which really wasn’t emphasized) and the pedestrian islands.

  • Thanks, R. That was me that complained about crossing the street with my daughters.

  • Thanks Ryan. I wonder if CDOT has to do this type of meeting first. Seems for informational/data collection, they’d be better off with an open-house composed of CDOT employees. That way the individual concerns can be more personally addressed.

  • I think an open house format might have been a little premature since they did not have formal concepts developed yet. The Alderman had to allow the community to vent since some of the Chambers of Commerce have been pushing this out to their members and the local paper (Nadig Press) picked up the story. That’s why turnout was so large.

  • CL

    At first, I used to literally tap it — but then I started holding it there to see if that would help. But I still get “stop” pretty often. Sometimes it works on the first try, other times on the second try, and (more rarely) the third try.