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As last week’s sometimes-contentious bus rapid transit hearings demonstrated, there’s still a lot of uncertainty and apprehensiveness about new ideas like BRT and other forward-thinking programs to create more efficient and safer streets. It’s our job to clear up false claims being put out by the anti-crowd about these projects, as well as to clear up misinformation in the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, with the departure of transportation commissioner Gabe Klein, it will be more important than ever for Streetsblog to serve as a watchdog, making sure the city keeps the momentum going for creating better conditions for walking, biking, and transit.

We need your help in order to continue advocating for livable streets in the Windy City. If Streetsblog’s daily coverage of transportation issues is important to you, this is a great chance to get more bang for your buck.

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Donate to Streetsblog Chicago and You Could Win a Dahon Folding Bike

2013 promises to be a watershed year for sustainable transportation in Chicago. The Chicago Department of Transportation recently released the Complete Streets Chicago guide, pledging to prioritize walking, transit and biking in future projects. Earlier this month the CTA announced plans for gold-standard bus rapid transit on Ashland Avenue, which will require removing travel lanes. […]