Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage of the North Side BRT Hearing (DNA)
  • Study: Illinois Cops Ignore Most Speeding Violations (Tribune)
  • Driver Killed in West Englewood Crash (Tribune)
  • CPD Will Be Doing Extra DUI Enforcement on LSD Saturday Night (RedEye)
  • $16 Million Quincy Rehab Will Be Bankrolled Entirely With TIF Dollars (DNA)
  • Keys to CTA Train Doors Have Been Stolen (CBS)
  • Active Trans Needs a Web Developer for Bike Commuter Challenge Site
  • Divvy Stripes Bike Lanes With Candy Cane-Colored Cycle (Tribune, DNA)
  • A Look Inside Divvy’s West Town Warehouse, Including Cool Photos (Tribune)
  • Dreaming of a Blue Christmas: Holiday Train Visitis the Blue Line (DNA)

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  • Speed Cameras Please

    Yes to speed cameras! If the police are demonstrating they’re not willing to ticket dangerous drivers (and we know this is true in the city), we need to turn to automated enforcement.

  • Brian

    Yes! You are correct! I mean, let’s make sure the cops don’t make ANY traffic stops to get drunk drivers and drug traffickers off the road! That’ll save lives!

  • BlueFairlane

    I know you’re just trolling these waters, but how does having speed cameras prevent police from stopping cars for drunk driving?

  • Brian

    Well, the argument we always hear is that cameras “free up” police to do “other things.” Not sure what those “other things” are. If the police resources are shifted away from making traffic stops under the illusion that cameras will keep the roads safe, there will be less police out looking for speeding cars, AND drunk drivers, unlicensed motorists, uninsured motorists, etc. Routine Traffic stops help identify these people. Cameras do not.
    Thankfully, there is plenty of opposition to this downstate so it’s unlikely something like this ever make it out of Springfield.

  • BlueFairlane

    Cameras have already made it out of Springfield, so I don’t know where you’re going there.

    Nobody has said anything about speed cameras resulting in cops being taken off the street. There will be just as many out there as there were before. These cops barely enforce speeding to begin with, so I doubt the cameras will have much impact on what they do regardless. Meanwhile, all these cops will still be watching for erratic driving that suggests things like drunk driving and your random list of other things. The cameras supplement what the cops do. They don’t replace it.