Today’s Headlines

  • Big Turnout at Last Night’s Ashland BRT Advocate Social (Expired Meter)
  • Federal Shutdown is a Speed Bump for Ashland BRT Environmental Assessment (DNA)
  • Automated Speed Cameras Begin Issuing Tickets Today (CBS)
  • A Long List of Reasons Drivers Should Stop Bellyaching About Speed Cams (Tribune)
  • Man Charged in Grand Crossing Chase and Crash That Injured 3 (DNA)
  • Red Line Set to Reopen Sunday (Tattler, HuffPo)
  • 3 Dead in Glenview Garbage Truck Crash (Tribune)
  • Ordinance Against Reckless Driving in Funeral Processions Expected to Pass (DNA)
  • Emanuel Delays Renaming of Stony Island Avenue for Bishop Brazier (Sun-Times)
  • The Perks of Fall Bike Commuting (LGRAB)

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  • Chicagio

    Actually a pretty entertaining list by the trib there. One addition…

    “• Speed isn’t the problem; it’s the difference in speed among vehicles that matters.”

    I first heard this a few months ago and was surprised to find it confirmed by multiple, reputable studies. More accurately, increases in speed don’t cause more accidents. However, before all the pro-higher speed limit people strut around, every one of those studies did also confirm that higher speeds increase the likelihood that accidents will involve fatalities (i can’t remember the exact increase but is was something like 7-15% more). Considering we have an epidemic in this country of fatalities in auto accidents, I think that is strong enough justification for lower speed limits (and better enforcement).

  • Anonymous

    Tom Vanderbilt’s book “Traffic,” which was mentioned in the comments here the other day, has a good discussion about why 45 mph commercial stretches can be more dangerous than highways. On the highway, everyone is traveling 65 mph and there are rarely surprises. On a 45 mph street, people are stopping, turning, braking to turn (to say nothing of pedestrians and bicyclists), and it raises the likelihood of accidents.

    As you rightly note, an accident at 45 mph is more likely to cause harm than an accident at 30 mph.

  • Anne A

    I would welcome the law proposed to combat the problem of reckless funeral procession driving. FYI – the video featured was shot on Vincennes, Monterey, and 111th – streets where I tend to encounter the worst problems with funeral processions.

  • Adam

    The Ashland/Western Coalition signs in the median. Is that a legal placement? If so, I’m launching a Kickstarter to commission Christo to wrap all of Ashland in a pro BRT message.

  • Kevin Crawford

    The opinion piece on cameras in the Trib. is *awesome*.

  • Guest

    I’ll grant that the particular phrase used by the Tribune isn’t ideal. But you’re also confusing “vehicles” with “street users”. I think the larger point is that on local city streets, there are a lot of street users who are not in vehicles and therefore the speed differential can actually be quite large.

    2 cars driving down a highway – one at 65mph, the other at 50mph. Speed differential: 15mph. A car and bike traveling down a city street, the car at 30mph, the bike at 10mph. Speed differential: 20mph.

  • CL

    I have to admit I had a moment of speed camera joy today. I’m still against the cameras, but tonight I was driving on Pulaski, going 30, when a big SUV tailgated me and then eventually swerved around me on the right, going at least 40. A moment later, the speed camera flashed twice, and I admit my reaction was “ha ha ha suck it.”

    My main problem with them is the small margin of error. I know none of you agree or understand, but I think there’s an important difference between going 6 over and going 10+ over. If they’re just ticketing drivers that go 10+ over, I might not mind them so much.

  • Ryan Wallace

    Is that the reason that the fines for those different speeding categories are different?

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t spoken up but I understand and sympathize with your point on this.

  • CL

    Sure but I don’t like the idea of people getting $35 tickets in the mail for going 31 in a 25. Right now, though, I read that they’re only ticketing for 10+ over. The article I saw said they will lower the threshold for the $35 tickets over time.


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