Today’s Headlines

  • As of Today, CTA No Longer Selling Magnetic Strip CTA Farecards (CBS, Sun-Times)
  • Fire Dept. OKs Location But Divvy Station Removed to Satisfy Resident’s Fears (Tribune)
  • IDOT Bike Plan Meeting This Thursday – Speak Up for Safer Local Streets (BWLP)
  • Woman Killed in Woodlawn After Another Driver Struck Her Car, Sending It Into Pole (DNA)
  • DUI Rollover on I-57 Injures 8, Including Baby Twins (DNA)
  • Police Seek Witnesses to Bike Trail Crash That Led to Northbrook Man’s Death (Tribune)
  • Minor Derailment at Kimball Brown Line Stop, No Injuries (DNA)
  • Do Red Light Cameras Also Issue Tickets for Talking on the Phone While Driving? (DNA)
  • Local Startups The Bike Index and Bike Spike Seek to Reduce Thefts (Tribune)
  • BWLP Social Ride This Saturday: An Intro to Riding on City Streets for Newbies

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  • Anonymous

    I think we all get why you link to car crashes etc., but enough already. Maybe do a weekly butcher’s bill of all the carnage, but keep the daily headlines to things we might actually read.

  • Kevin M

    Why do you think these links are posted?

  • Anonymous

    I like the industriousness of the two small companies trying to do something about biketheft. But I think that the focus should be on theft prevention, not recovery after the fact. In the Netherlands, where bike theft levels are high, authorities have all but given up on recovery of stolen bikes, and policies have shifted towards preventing theft. This means developing more secure and guarded storage locations at stations and city centers, and more education around safe locking.
    Off course, it is much harder to make money on secure parking facilities than it is by selling gadgets to cyclists.

  • Anonymous

    I assume to show the dangers associated with cars, and in particular the dangers posed to pedestrians and bikers. Why do you think these links are posted?

  • Mishellie

    This is a blog about transportation and safety. Crashes are often a result of failures in safety. I think it’s perfectly relevant. If you don’t want to read those articles, don’t.

  • That is correct. A lot of media attention is, rightly, given to the gun violence epidemic in our city. Our goal is to draw more attention to the fact that we also have a major traffic violence problem.