Today’s Headlines

  • Can Amtrak’s Chicago-to-Indianapolis Line Be Saved? (Post-TribAP)
  • Metra’s Internal Insurance Watchdog Put on Leave in Wake of CEO Firing Scandal (Tribune)
  • Teen Driver Kills Pedestrian on Victim’s 32nd Birthday, Injures 2 Others (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Driver Charged With DUI After Crash That Killed Passenger in Oak Brook (Tribune)
  • Is Your Neighborhood a Drunk Driving Hot Spot? (RedEye)
  • Ranney to the Rescue: Man Who Helped Create RTA Leading Transpo Task Force (Tribune)
  • Opinion: How to Solve Chicagoland’s Transit Bureaucracy Mess (Crain’s)
  • Divvy Lands in Andersonville (DNA)
  • Tips on Biking to School With Kids (Chicargobike)

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  • Anonymous

    That DNA article about Divvy in Andersonville is rife with errors.

    – No way are Clark @ Leland and Lawrence @ Ravenswood considered Andersonville. My best guess would be that they are in Ravenswood and Uptown, respectively.

    – The author references a future Clark and Berwyn station. No such station has been planned. A station has been planned for Clark and Bryn Mawr though.

    – The author mentions stations that should be available but are not. Not sure where she got that information from. The Divvy site clearly states this as planned stations.

    I take it that DNA does not employ fact checkers?

    Or am I just bummed out that I have to wait until 2014 for my very own Divvy station at Clark and Bryn Mawr?

  • Clark & Berwyn doesn’t show up on the online map, but it is listed on the printed map at the Lawrence & Clifton station:

    Last I checked, Divvy’s online map only includes ~370 of the 400 planned stations, so it’s possible that additional stations not shown on that map are also in the works.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I guess that is where she got her info from then.

  • The printed maps are due to be replaced soon, with an updated design (also an updated design for the other elements of the board).