Yes, Businessmen Ride Divvy in Suits

Before Divvy launched, Trib columnist Jon Hilkevitch infamously questioned whether businessmen would use the system, “risking sweat stains on expensive suits just to save a couple of dollars on a taxicab and possibly save a tree from pollution.” One reader recently told us that he still encounters people who don’t believe anyone would ride Divvy in business attire.

So, in response to popular demand, here is the photographic proof that, yes, guys ride Divvy in their suits with leather briefcases, both after work and during business hours.

Got photos of Divvy riders wearing business clothes? Post a link in the comments.

Mayor Emanuel riding a Divvy. Photo: John Greenfield.
  • Mishellie

    To me it seems like if you haven’t seen a man in a suit riding a Divvy… you probably don’t spend much time in the loop/nearby areas.

  • Alex Oconnor

    You mean a critic of an alternative transportation modes ( non car ) was utterly incorrect and misinformed in their criticism. Shocking.

  • Anonymous

    Wait: Isn’t that the Mayor breaking the law? Or is he actually only 12 years old? Why isn’t his protection detail ticketing him?

    He should be *walking* his divvy across Daley Plaza.

  • Interesting point. I forget the details on this, but I believe I heard Daley Plaza is considered private property, with rules set by the building owner, which isn’t actually the city or county but a private real estate firm. If that’s the case, then I suppose the firm could set their own rules on this. Anyone know the details on the plaza’s ownership offhand?

    That said, I was worried about being run over by the mayor when I took that photo.

  • BlueFairlane

    We’re all worried about being run over by the mayor.

  • Anonymous

    From 5 minutes of looking (ie, hardly definitive), there’s no clear evidence either way–no deed, no mortgage, nothing. So … curious.

  • Kevin M

    Any pictures of businesswomen in suits on Divvy bikes?

  • Joseph Musco

    I think the Public Building Commision owns Daley Plaza. It’s a joint public building operation between the City of Chicago, Cook County, CTA, CPD, CHA, CPL, the Forest Preserve, City Colleges, McPier, and the Water District.

  • Anonymous

    forgoing the point about it being private property, it is legal in the city of Chicago to rid your Divvy on the sidewalk if you are on your way to the nearest Divvy station

  • Anonymous

    Last week I was stopped at a red light in front of Ogilvie. To professionally dressed women riding a Divvy were standing in front of me.
    They got noticed by half a dozen or so professionally dressed women crossing in the sidewalk. A few of them had a smile on their face.

  • Yes, you can ride on the sidewalk to access a bike share station, or you can ride a bicycle on the sidewalk to access the nearest roadway. The new law says:
    “No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within a business district unless such sidewalk has been officially designated and marked as a bicycle route, or such sidewalk is used to enter the nearest roadway, intersection or designated bicycle path, or to access a bicycle share station.”

  • David Altenburg

    D’oh. My wife and I actually rode Divvy to a wedding last weekend, but I didn’t think to get a picture of us on the bikes. Not exactly business attire, but a suit and a dress. Honestly, I think Divvy is less abusive to clothing than sitting in the backseat of a cab. Hair is another story, however.

  • Yasmeen

    Glad to see suits riding Divvy bikes but, riding on the sidewalk? #incorrect

    I’ve heard there’s a reminder on the bike NOT to ride the bike on the sidewalk (because it’s illegal).

  • The only photo of someone riding on the sidewalk (actually Daley Plaza) is the mayor.

  • Anonymous

    I would never consider myself a “businessman”. I’d say more of a professional on an after work date with my wife.*uihM6g3zgi4d7VazCxZSP3foh0VPofoct/IMG_20130628_175423_6701.jpg

  • Alex Oconnor

    I was a proponent of Divyl but have to say I am surprised by how well it seems to be working.

  • Some of us don’t have the luxury of having hair anymore.

  • Oh, yes, I have some pictures of that, but for some reason the concern was about men (from the reader and Jon Hilkevitch).

    Perhaps women are more “adventurous” in wearing normal clothes on a bike.

  • I also see guys in suits riding Divvy on the Milwaukee Avenue bridge over the Kennedy at Augusta. I’m often riding towards downtown for evening meetings at the time they’re going home from work.


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