Today’s Headlines

  • Hearings on North LSD Redesign Taking Place This Week (Sun-Times, Tattler)
  • CTA: First Day of Ventra Rollout Went Without a Hitch (RedEye)
  • Hilkevitch Predicts Ventra Will Be A System of Mass Confusion
  • Quinn to Appoint Panel of Experts to Recommend Overhaul of Metra and RTA (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Crisis Is an Opportunity to Reorganize Regional Transit for the Better (Crain’s)
  • Rahm Endorses Stiffer Penalties for Litterbug Drivers (Sun-Times)
  • Participatory Budgeting Funds 5 Colorful Rogers Park Train Viaducts (DNA)
  • Irving Park Closed at Ravenswood for Metra-UP Infrastructure Upgrades (DNA)
  • Will IDOT Back the proposed Lincolnwood-Skokie Ped/Bike Plaza? (Keating)
  • Bike Damage Proves That Cab Driver Was Lying About Wicker Park Dooring (Kevenides)
  • Dottie Rides Divvy Home From Work (LGRAB)

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  • This weekend my mom visited from out of town and buying a CTA farecard, I thought about how unfair the $3 fee really is for a single ride.

    I’ll probably be buying a separate Ventra card with some value on it just to use when friends and family visit from out of town, just for that reason. It really is quite unfair to charge an extra $0.50 for a paper card (chip or not) and include the transfer, even if unnecessary.

    And I do not get 1-day passes, because two trips would only be $4.50, not the outrageous $10 it now costs.

  • Anonymous

    Too many articles deserve thoughts today!

    The real answer for transit is a single board (RTA or a replacement) running all of them. Get rid of the fiefdoms. Get rid of Metra not jumping in with CTA and Pace on Ventra. Get rid of the infighting for scarce federal dollars. Too bad Quinn is too much of a nitwit to figure this out and our next governor Daley’s solution is the opposite (get rid of RTA).

    Hopefully IDOT and the Lincolnwood/Skokie thing is a different decision from the protected bike lane nonsense. Sounds like this project is something else that’s looking for a grant, hopefully they get it. Of course, knowing IDOT, they’ll decide they need to save the money for Illiana or some crap.

    City should really pull the cab drivers license for lying about a crash like that. Causing a crash is bad enough, lying about it greatly compounds the problem. Too bad it was only early on and they got it right in settlement and didn’t end up getting the cabbie under oath perjuring himself.

  • BlueFairlane

    When I saw the term “Metra Crisis,” I thought you guys were commenting on Doctor Who. I enjoy imagining the crossover.

  • jared.kachelmeyer

    Much worth less buying now than before the massive price increase. One would have to make five trips to make the card justified and that’s assuming none of those trips would count as a transfer…

    Wonder how many they’re selling these days and how many users are actually getting their money’s worth…