Today’s Headlines

  • CTA Launches $1 Million Study of Forest Park Branch Overhaul (Tribune)
  • Pension Plan for CTA Employees Sues Agency Over Prescription Drug Savings (Crain’s)
  • Metra Commuters Frustrated by BNSF Line Delays (Sun-Times)
  • How IDOT’s Obstructionism Is Hurting Chicago Cyclists (Freeman)
  • Teen Who Killed 4-Year-Old in DUI Gets $1,989 fine, Probation (Tribune)
  • Man Falls From Motorcycle, Fatally Struck by Car in Lakeview (Tribune)
  • Cyclist Struck in Oswego by Driver Distracted by Her Child Wins $20K (Keating)
  • bike buddies Encourage Newbies to Ride (DNA)
  • Alderman Cardenas Leads 10th Annual Bike the Boulevards Ride (12th Ward)
  • Tracking the Bike Conversion of CDOT’s Leah Treat Through Tweets (Green Lane)
  • There Are a Lot of Transportation Tunnels Under the Loop (WBEZ)

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  • I hope that article about the drunk 16 year old driver killing a little girl and getting just probation is a joke. It’s a joke, right? Please tell me it’s a joke.

  • We’ll have more on this later today.

  • Fred

    The WBEZ article about the tunnels is utterly fascinating. I could easily lose an entire day on the topic!

  • Yay! We lost (cough) a lot of days on the topic, but were glad to do it to bring you the context and info on what’s under our pavement. So glad you enjoyed it!

  • Anne A

    Conditions at many of the west side blue line stations are terrible. Many ramps and stairs are in poor condition and stations lack shelters and heat lamps. ADA and bike access could use a lot of improvement.

  • Fred

    Agreed. It seems like there is a lot of low hanging fruit for improvements: elevators and escalators instead of the odd long ramps, bigger station houses with sheltered bike parking, reopened alternate entrances, more heated shelter areas…

  • Ryan Wallace

    Wondering if CTA is getting the jump on IDOT so that their preferred improvement can’t be ignored with the coming highway changes.

  • Erik Swedlund

    Cheers to Robin Amer on a great story.