Today’s Headlines

  • Chicago Gets Ready for Bike-Share (AP)
  • CTA Ratchets Up Its Bus Cleaning (Tribune)
  • Emanuel, LaHood Celebrate Bike to Work Day (DNA)
  • Woman Killed by Hit-And-Run Driver near Bridgeport Gallery (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Man Killed While Sticking Head Out Car Window In South Shore (Tribune)
  • Many Dies in Marynook Motorcycle Crash (Tribune)
  • Police Seeking Info on Englewood Hit-and-Run (Tribune)
  • It’s Absolutely Certain That Cyclists Can Legally Pass on the Right Now (Kevenides)
  • Some Merchants Think Free Sunday Parking Will Help Them (Sun-Times)
  • Study: Bike Trails Are Good for the Economy (Keating)
  • People Are Using Citibikes as Stationary Bikes. Could That Happen With Divvy? (RedEye)
  • A Stream-of-Consciousness Account of My Bike Commute Home (Tribune)

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  • mhls

    and here’s a video of an spin class on London Bikeshare.

  • CL

    I think the Sunday parking situation will depend heavily on the neighborhood. Less busy and less dense areas have lots of space, and I imagine there will still be plenty of parking even when it’s free. Those businesses are probably welcoming the change. However, in a busy neighborhood like Lakeview, I predict it’s going to be tough to find a space on Sunday, partly because of residents parking there. (But, I also feel like, too bad — nobody has to drive to Lakeview when there are so many transit options. Lakeview residents have to leave their cars somewhere in the area, while people from other neighborhoods could easily take transit.)

  • The aldermen in some of the city’s densest areas, like Lakeview, have asked to opt out of Sunday parking:

  • CL

    Interesting. I hope Rogers Park doesn’t opt-out. I like the taquerias, dollar stores, and liquor stores on my block but I don’t think anyone is driving from the suburbs to visit them.

  • Seems like parking is pretty tight on Clark in Rogers Park, so free Sundays might make it harder to find a space.

  • Fred

    Are the exemptions done on a whole ward basis, or on a per street/block basis? Could an aldercritter exempt just Clark St, or a couple of blocks of it, in Rogers Park from the free parking, but leave it in place everywhere else?

  • Anonymous

    I posted to Brendan’s page to get clarification, but how does everyone else read the passing on the right change? Because if I read it with the existing laws, if it’s legal to pass on the right given no passengers, and it’s legal for any vehicle to pass on the left, doesn’t that mean weaving through stopped staggered cars (staggered blocking either left or right passage) to get to the front of an intersection is now legal?

  • I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it’s the latter. CPM has no reason to complain about any free parking exeptions, since they’d only make more money.

  • Fred

    I hope one of these exemptions leads to a parklet. The revenue generated by these exemptions pays for out-of-service spots, so why not build a parklet and pay for the missing spaces with a block or two of Sunday exemption rather than a new space around the corner?

  • Hmm… Interesting idea!