Today’s Headlines

  • “We Don’t Want the New Ventra CTA System” Petition Launched (Tribune)
  • Residents Object to Proposal for New LSD Access Road in South Loop (DNA)
  • Tribune Editorial: The Ventra Pre-Paid Debit Card Is Problematic
  • Driver Charged in Fatal Brighton Park Hit-and-Run Had Prior DUIs (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Woman Charged With DUI After Killing Pedestrian Near O’Hare (Tribune)
  • Pregnant Woman Dies In Stickney Crash (Tribune)
  • Man Shot in Head After Dispute Over Double-Parked Car (Tribune)
  • Alleged Car Thief Critical Injured After Crashing in Humboldt Park (Tribune)
  • Driver Crashes Into Gladstone Park Home; 1 Injured (Tribune)
  • Video: How to Carry Stuff on Your Bike (LGRAB)

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  • Fred

    Beyond the “CHANGE BAAAAAAD!!!!!” crowd and the exorbitant fees to use Ventra as a prepaid card that 95%+ of users will not use, I don’t understand the backlash against Ventra. I personally can’t wait to be able to use my credit card directly and not have to carry an extra card in my wallet. I can see the downside to the extra fee for single-use cards, but couldn’t people who currently use them just get a Ventra card and reload it with a single fare worth of money before each use? If they are already used to having to stop at a Vending machine before each use anyway, then I don’t see any extra burden.

  • It does seem that if you avoid the pre-paid debit card and purchase a regular Ventra card there won’t be a major downside. The main concern seems be the impact on very-low-income folks who might not be able to spend $5 for a card all at once, or have access to a phone, Internet or the CTA HQ to register it and get the $5 fare credit. Pre-paid debit cards also seem to target low-income individuals who are unable to get a regular credit card.

  • Anonymous

    The CTA claims there will be a toll free number to call for registration.
    I know that payphones are becoming harder to find, but is there really a very-low-income person out there who cannot find a payphone just to make one free phone call? It’s not like you have to call every day, just the one time when you first get the card.

  • I’m racking my brains to think of a location in Chicago with a functional payphone.

  • Something else to consider: it’s possible to get a government-subsidized cellphone. It’s called the Lifeline program and administered by the FCC.