John’s condition improves while doctors and family discuss moving him to Chicago

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John Greenfield has been hospitalized in Carbondale, Illinois, since an incapacitating injury sustained while bicycling on Friday, April 21, in Marion, Illinois. John was struck by a culvert pipe that came off of a pickup truck; the driver was cited for having an unsecured load.

John is still partially conscious. Last night, one of John’s friends in the hospital with him sent me this update:

He is more alert Thursday afternoon than he’s been in a couple of days. He was awake and responsive for a little over an hour. He wasn’t able to follow commands, but it seemed like he was aware that we were here, and would turn his head and eyes to look at us.

The friend also wanted to give a shoutout to the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel of SIH Memorial Hospital, saying, “they’ve been taking great care of him”.

A desired next step is to transfer John to a rehab hospital in Chicago. Moving him would require that he is more conscious than he is now, but “his doctors are optimistic that he will reach that point before long”, according to the update.


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John Greenfield, who was injured while cycling near Carbondale, Illinois, has progressed in his recovery enough that he is transferring to a rehabilitation hospital in suburban Chicago on Thursday. The crash occurred on Friday, April 21, when an unsecured pipe hit John in the head. John was incapacitated, and upon arrival at at SIH Memorial […]