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The 63rd Street Red Line station. One of SBC's key current campaigns is to push for a Transit TIF to help fund the extension of the Red Line to the Far South Side. Photo: John Greenfield
The 63rd Street Red Line station. One of SBC's key current campaigns is to push for a Transit TIF to help fund the extension of the Red Line to the Far South Side. Photo: John Greenfield

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Hi there Streetsblog Chicago readers,

2022 has been a momentous year for Chicagoland sustainable transportation and safe streets issues. One of the most urgent matters has been the need to make the CTA more reliable, safe, and pleasant as the region continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s emerging as a major campaign issue in February’s Chicago mayoral election. This has also been a terrible year for traffic violence, with at least 27 pedestrian deaths and eight bike fatalities on city streets, including the tragic deaths of several children. As such, Streetsblog Chicago’s livable streets reporting and advocacy is more important than ever.

To help keep the site going strong, it’s time to launch our annual campaign to raise $50,000 via small grants, ads, sponsorships, and tax-deductible donations from readers like you. We are also in the running for a major grant that would round out our 2023 budget. We’d like to wrap up our fund drive by January 31. Of course, if you’d like to take advantage of end-of-year tax benefits by chipping in before New Year’s Day, we’d greatly appreciate that.

Here are some of Streetsblog Chicago’s advocacy milestones from 2022.

Here are some of items on Streetsblog Chicago’s agenda for 2023.

  • Making a case for passing a transit tax-increment financing district to fund the south Red Line extension, a key transit equity project.
  • Expanding our coverage of transportation issues in majority-Black neighborhoods and suburbs.
  • Continuing to lobby the CTA to address its reliability, security, and cleanliness challenges with effective and equitable solutions.
  • Educating Chicago voters about the mayoral candidates’ transportation platforms.
  • Pushing for safer pedestrian facilities; a network of fast bus routes; and a citywide grid of connected, protected bikeways to help reduce car-dependence and lower traffic fatalities.

Streetsblog Chicago is a community-funded news outlet that relies on sponsors, advertisers, and – especially – readers like you to help us keep the lights on. If you appreciate our livable streets coverage, please consider making a donation today. Thanks for your support!

— John Greenfield, editor


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