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Details on how to earn ride credit and schwag through Divvy’s Bike Angels program

Divvy bike-share recently launched a new program called Bike Angels where users can ride bikes from crowded stations to ones that are empty or running out of bikes in order to rack up rewards like ride credit, water bottles, bike gloves, and backpacks. The way it works is a little complex, so let's walk through the rules and the rewards.

To be a Bike Angel, you need to sign up in the Divvy app (if you've already got the app on your device, you'll need to sign up for the latest version.) Rides from your Divvy-connected Lyft app will also earn you program points.

How to earn points

Pick Up points are assigned to crowded stations, and Drop Off points are assigned to stations that are empty or running out of bikes. Each station's score is visible in the Divvy map, with high-value stations shown in pink.

The legend for the icons on the Divvy map.
The legend for the icons on the Divvy map.
The legend for the icons on the Divvy map.

You earn the total of Pick Up and Drop Off points for each ride. (Naturally, you don't get any points for picking up a bike from a station with few bikes, or Drop Off points for one with little capacity.)


The points are calculated based on the demand for bikes at each station. Points on the map update at every quarter of the hour (e.g. 1:00 p.m., 1:15 p.m., 1:30 p.m., and 1:45 p.m.) You'll get whatever points were available when you started your ride, so even if a sparsely populated station has started to fill up by the time you get there, you'll still get the credit you were originally promised.

However, "Cheating isn't nice," the Divvy website warns. If you keep riding the same bike back and forth between the same two stations, you could lose the points you've racked up during those trips and be booted from the Bike Angels program.

How to get rewarded

After you've done some Bike Angel trips, points will accumulate in your Divvy account, and you'll eventually get an email about redeeming your perks. If you rack up over ten points within a month, you'll start being offered rewards you can redeem.

Your Bike Angels points will be added to your tracker for monthly rewards (which resets at the beginning of each month) and tracker for lifetime awards (which is never reset.)

Monthly points rewards

Bronze Basket Reward (10 points): 10 minutes of e-bike credit

Silver Spoke Reward (20-80 points): Free one-week membership extension for every 20 points earned

Gold Gear Reward (80-200 points): After you hit 80 points, you’ll win a $1 Lyft credit for every ten points that can be used on any ride-hail or bike-share (100 points = $2; 200 points = $12, etc.)

Platinum Pedal (200+ points): After you earn 200 points, you’ll receive 33 percent more credits for ride-hail or bike-share for each Bike Angels point you earn.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.37.49 PM

Lifetime points rewards 

Joy Rider (250 points): You'll earn extended ride time on non-electric bikes (60 minutes versus the usual 45) and receive a Joy Rider pin.

Casual Cruiser (500 points): At 500 You'll get a water bottle and a Casual Cruiser pin.

Steady Pedaler (1,500 points): You'll earn a special key fob and a Steady Pedaler pin.

Hustlin’ Hero (2,500 points): You'll get bike gloves and a Hustlin’ Hero pin.

Power Angel (5,000 points): You'll earn a backpack and a Power Angel pin.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.38.26 PM

Got all that? Now go out and earn some schwag!

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