Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 19

  • Sun-Times: Lori should reconsider Uber’s offer to guarantee tax revenue (which won’t fight congestion)
  • LOL! ABC asks are short green light times — in place before Chicago had traffic cams — “red light traps”?
  • Not so funny: RLC companies can hire public officials as sales agents without disclosing it (Tribune)
  • Trib editorial: Red light cams are a good idea but the state needs to close the sales agent loophole
  • Driver who killed cyclist Lee Luellen, 40, charged, CPD retracts victim-blaming statement (Tribune)
  • Disabled veteran robbed on Red Line near 35th Street (ABC)
  • Development by 43rd Station geared towards young Black professionals who don’t own cars (Crain’s)

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– John Greenfield, editor, Streetsblog Chicago