Today’s Headlines for Thursday, May 9

  • CBS: Drivers Routinely Block Busy Intersections, But Police Rarely Write Tickets for It
  • Spielman Looks at Scheinfeld’s Tenure at CDOT Commissioner (Sun-Times)
  • Bill Would Raise IL Gas Tax to $0.44, Hike Fees, Raise Registration Cost for E-Cars (Tribune)
  • Tanker Rollover and Spill Closes Elmhurst Road at Jane Adams Tollway (Tribune)
  • Union Pacific Will Close Its Global 3 Intermodal Terminal in Rochelle, IL (Trains)
  • Mount Prospect Could Add Pedestrian Bridge Downtown (Daily Herald)
  • What’s the Better Bike Route — Halsted or Sheffield? (The Chainlink)
  • The Tribune Shares 4 Ideas for Car-Free Nature Getaways

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  • Anne A

    Regarding the gridlock piece, I see this problem pretty much every day at both Dearborn & Adams and State & Adams. Right turning traffic onto Dearborn backs up, often blocking the mid-block bus stop. Ride share or truck delivery drivers sometimes block the bus stop too.

    Several bus routes use this stop, and at times they can arrive one right after the other. Gridlock at State is often caused by backed up buses that don’t get through the intersection in time, then SB traffic on State gets backed up.

    Drivers on Dearborn often just keep coming and block WB Adams traffic after the Adams traffic has the green light. This is another cause of gridlock at State.

  • Jeremy

    1. CTA needs to train their drivers better.
    2. State law needs to be changed to allow tickets to be written with photo evidence. Send crews of people out during morning and evening rush with Go Pros. They film for 2 hours, then go to an office and upload the video to a database that can be accessed in court if citations are appealed. Tickets would be printed and mailed. Using secretary of state information it would be easy to look up the vehicle information using the license plate.

  • FlamingoFresh

    Re: Bill Would Raise IL Gas Tax to $0.44, Hike Fees, Raise Registration Cost for E-Cars,
    While I agree a hike in the gas tax and vehicle registration tax is good, I disagree with the exorbitant fee for registration of an electric vehicle. I agree people should pay for using the roads (via gas tax) but to charge such a high rate will dissuade drivers from purchasing electric vehicles, which is beneficial to the environment. Possibly having a tax at charging stations or implementing a vehicle miles tax, for all cars, is the correct way to go about it.

    I also disagree with doubling the price of the driver license. Driver licences serve an overwhelming majority of individuals as their main and only form of identification, everyday and at the airport. Especially considering Illinois was not compliant with the Real ID standards for travel until late March this year, everyone will need to get a new license if they intend to fly and use a driver license as their primary source of ID. Raising the cost doesn’t do anyone favors, possessing one doesn’t mean you will drive (i.e. me), instead just add an additional increase to vehicle registration on top of the currently new proposed.

  • planetshwoop

    Police state! woo-hoo!

    There are cameras everywhere in the loop. You don’t need to send crews out.

    Enforcement might help, but it can’t fix the problem.

    What could? Not making every street in the Loop 4 lanes like an expressway.

    We should apply the safe streets plans to the Loop, and just reduce the number of lanes.

  • BlueFairlane

    I almost posted a comment on the third airport story yesterday about how they should skip Monee or Peotone and build any possible cargo airport in Rochelle to create an easy link to freight lines. Union Pacific evidently doesn’t agree.

  • Lane

    CBS: Drivers Routinely Block Busy Intersections, But Police Rarely Write Tickets for It

    CTA Buses are often the worst offenders:

  • rwy

    You can get a state ID. Serves the purposes you listed.

  • Tooscrapps

    Air cargo and rail freight are completely different beasts. There is no real logistic savings having the two in close proximity except maybe some minor savings on truck usage.

  • Kevin M

    Yes, but having a DL is very important to mobility–even for non-car owners. A person might need to borrow or rent a car for some important reason, and that is why many non-car-owners hold a DL. I don’t think its a fair to tax these people with higher fees to pay for roads that they disproportionately cause wear & tear to. Car registration, on the other hand, should be increased (and I think it is part of the IL Senate proposal).

  • planetshwoop

    I always feel like articles recommending the DesPlaines trail are from people who see it on a map more than who uses it on a regular basis. The Cook County portion of the trail is a muddy mess most of the time. It’s not continuous as there is a gap in DesPlaines, and it’s not an easy or pleasant walk from the Blue Line over there.

    (The Lake County portion is dreamy, but the Cook County portions I avoid!)

    As for OpenLands — it’s amazing, and worth the trip.

  • rwy

    I’ll have to check out OpenLands. I rode the Greenbay Trail through Fort Sheridan last weekend and didn’t know of it’s existence.

    To get to the Des Plaines trail, do you recomend taking Metra out to Libertyville?

  • Fred

    The $1,000 e-car registration fee is just absurd. A car that gets 20mpg and driven 12,000mi would burn 600 gallons of gas/yr. At the current tax rate of $.19/gal, that’s $114/yr in gas tax paid. Even at $.44/gal, that’s only $264/yr in gas taxes. $200-300 for e-cars would be much more fair.

  • planetshwoop

    One could. I’ve ridden up there using the Skokie Valley trail + NBT and then take the North Shore Path along 176/Rockkland Rd. If you don’t mind a short jaunt from the train, you can go to Lake Bluff, head due West along the North Shore Path to DesPlaines. Lake Bluff has a great brewery and bike shop downtown, spitting distance from the train.

    Either way, DesPlaines in Lake County is crushed limestone. I like Independence Grove and the section north of it.

    You can go to Deerfield and take side streets to catch it in Lincolnshire too. If interested, tell me and I can send you the route along side streets. There is officially a trail on Deerfield Rd but it stinks.

  • FlamingoFresh

    And completely give up your legal ability to drive in the country.

  • rohmen

    If you hit the Cook County portion of the Des Plaines Trail (when it’s dry enough not to do damage) with Cross bike, it can be a lot of fun for people looking for dirt trail riding (which is in too short of supply in this metro area).

  • ben

    Electric cars should be given free registration to aid in their adoption. The uptake of ev’s will result in cleaner air, less lung cancer, less child asthma and the curbing of co2, which benefits everyone. Free registration is the least we can do, better yet, ev sales should be tax free. Worked in Norway where ev car sales are around 50% of the market.

  • planetshwoop

    what do you do with the batteries when the cars are “done”?

  • Anne A

    As long as you don’t need to drive.

  • ben

    What do you do with your aluminum cans once youve drank whats inside of them?