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A Cheat Sheet to Our Chicago Transportation Discussion on the “Aldermanic” Podcast

3:12 PM CDT on March 22, 2019

Image: Aldermanic

I had a great time yesterday discussing recent local transportation issues on the new Chicago politics podcast “Aldermanic” with cohost James Frommeyer. In case you’re short on time, here’s a list of the topics we covered. Listen to the conversation here.

16:50: Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle are on the same page on many transportation issues

18:00: How the candidates differ on earmarking an annual budget for bike/ped funding

18:55: Why the current system of funding bike/ped infrastructure through ward money isn't equitable

20:55: Why Toni says she won't commit to an annual bike/walk budget and may be generally more cautious about making promises

22:10: Where the mayoral hopefuls part ways on the North Lake Shore Drive reconstruction

22:35: Camera enforcement of bus lanes: Lori's for it, Toni isn't

25:30: Concerns about Chicago's inequitable vehicle ticketing system

27:25: Different positions on reduced transit fares for low-income Chicagoans

32:10: Where the candidates stand on Elon Musk's O'Hare Express scheme

33:30: What Lori and Toni say they'll do about racially skewed bike ticketing

35:30: So who should sustainable transportation advocates vote for?

36:45: The upcoming Divvy/Lyft expansion deal, and why I'm a little cynical about it

40:45: The details of the Lyft sponsorship proposal

46:00: Uber/JUMP's counter-proposal

48:00: Why the Active Transportation Alliance is opposed to privatizing bike-share

49:50: What's going to happen with the contract in the near future (note that today it was reported that the transportation committee vote will take place on March 28)

51:00: Why the contract needs to be closely scrutinized, but probably isn't "a Faustian bargain"

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