Today’s Headlines for Thursday, March 14

  • Council Votes 33-14 to Approve the $6B Lincoln Yards Project (Block Club)
  • $95M West Side Police & Fire Academy Passes City Council (Block Club)
  • Emanuel Introduces Ordinance Regulating “E-bikes and Mobility Devices” (Sun-Times)
  • Development Over Tracks by Soldier Field Would Include Massive Transit Center (Tribune)
  • Active Trans Calls on IDOT to Update Its Design Guideline to Protect Vulnerable Road Users
  • Little Village Distribution Center Gets $19.7M Tax Break From City Council (Block Club)
  • Why Have There Been So Many Recent Cases of Drivers Striking IL State Troopers? (Tribune)
  • After Brutal Stabbing Attack on Cicero Green Platform, CBS Says CTA Crime Is on the Rise
  • Man Charged With Attacking Pregnant Woman on Red Line Near Addison (Sun-Times)
  • Bicycle/Race” Author Dr. Adonia Lugo Speaks at IIT on 4/4, 6 PM

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  • planetshwoop

    Ok, so we have boatloads of trucks coming: South Loop (Reskoville), South Loop (Soldier Field project), and Lincoln Yards (let’s call it Rahmham). And the big distribution site in Little Village.

    All these trucks are going to kill cyclists. Many of the daytime deaths have been caused by trucks from construction sites.

    I hope we can get an ordinance to put the side blockers on big trucks before people start dying.

  • rwy

    A national law would be even better:

    It’s too bad a similar bill was introduced 2 years ago and went nowhere.

  • what_eva

    So what exactly is going to stop at this Soldier Field transit center? The article mentions Metra, CTA and Amtrak trains. Obviously they’d replace the existing 18th St stop on the MED. Expand BNSF there? Right… Maybe years later if there are actually a lot of offices there. Orange Line spur? Again, right… Amtrak trains run through there via the Air Line, but why would intercity trains stop there all of 2-3 miles short of Union Station?

  • Dennis McClendon

    Yeah, very puzzling. I imagine CTA listened politely as the developer’s team talked, saying only “we can take a look at various ideas.” Operationally, what might work would be to extend the Pink Line (via the Wells and Van Buren sides of the Loop) down the Alley L and St Charles Air Line to a terminal station here at 16th & Indiana. That offers about the right level of service and makes connections from the North and West Sides.

  • planetshwoop

    Time to dust off Daley’s old “Central Area Circulator” proposal.

  • Austin Busch

    I’m also very confused by the “CHI Line”. They say something about an
    autonomous tram system,and the map shows it running up to Navy Pier on Columbus, as well as branch/looping out to Adler. Is it a bus, or is it like Docklands Light Rail? It only connects to this theoretical CTA station, and otherwise the single Metra station. And it seems to actively avoid the McCormick busway, which would probably make sense for its routing.

    Plus, they want Amtrak but don’t mention South Shore?

  • Carter O’Brien

    As a Museum Campus employee I’d give a kidney for a subway spike that got us here from the Roosevelt hub by going under Michigan, Columbus and LSD. Our bus service is pretty bad even on a “good” day, due to those busy street level conflicts. But throw a major event like Lollapalooza, the Marathon, etc. into the mix and it feels like Chicago shooting a major tourism draw squarely in the foot.

  • what_eva

    I get that. The 146 is fine on Solidarity and McFetridge, but then you get onto Columbus and Roosevelt and the traffic is just miserable even if you only want to get to the Red/Green/Orange line station. I know a few Museum Campus workers and they all drive. Seems like parking is provided or not terribly expensive.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Yep, agreed on the 146. There was some encouraging info in today’s Tribune story whereby the Alderman was pushing to get the tracks capped between Roosevelt and 18th as part of this, which would become a park as well as a transit center connecting the Museum Campus via buses or a tram (going on memory, but Streetsblog linked to it today).

    On the parking, I agree there as well. As institutions on Chicago Park District land we get the CPD staff discounted monthly parking rate for Soldier Field. It is very cheap after the pre-tax commuting benefit. At one point I had figured out that if you bought more than 4 daily passes it was more affordable to buy the monthly one – and once you have the monthly one, you’re certainly going to be more prone to use it, ie, induced demand. Countering that is the insane stress of driving in that area, of course, but as non-profit people a lot of us live in public transit deserts simply as that is cheaper. And our volunteers get free parking and many of them are also further out of the city center due to cost of living practicalities.