Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, February 9

  • Amira Nairat, 15, Fatally Struck by Driver Wanted for 3 Oak Lawn Hit-and-Run Crashes (ABC)
  • Chicago Study Finds Upzoning May Not Help Increase the Housing Supply (CityLab)
  • Why the Alleged Patronage Hire of a Legislator’s Housemate to the CTA Matters (Tribune)
  • Chico: Let’s Launch Special Reduced-Fare CTA Bus Routes to Address Food Deserts (Sun-Times)
  • MED Trains Will Run on a Modified Schedule Through Friday (Sun-Times)
  • A Long-Overdue Obit for Cycling Great Major Taylor, Who Died in Chicago (NYT)
  • Paging Alanis Morissette: Metra Is Offering Express Service to the Auto Show (News & Observer)

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  • planetshwoop

    I found the following piece about zoning really interesting and comes to the same conclusion as the CityLab:

  • Anne A

    My sympathy to the family and friends of Amira Nairat.

  • Anne A

    I was happy to see both the NYT obit for Major Taylor and people talking about the Major Taylor Hennessy ad that got many people’s attention during the Stupor Bowl.

  • outerloop

    “Chicago Study Finds Upzoning May Not Help Increase the Housing Supply (CityLab)”

    Are we serious? How can a short study (2010-2018) following a housing price crash provide enough data to draw conclusions from?
    IMO- citing studies that are too shallow and drawing conclusions from them does not contribute to journalists’ credibility.

  • Carter O’Brien

    It’s a peer reviewed scientific publication. The credibility at stake here is in the planning sector, where people seem to confuse the one class they had covering supply and demand curves with a deeper understanding of real estate and consumer behavior market forces on a more microeconomic level.