Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, October 3

  • Family and Friends Remember Boy and 2 Men Killed During Englewood Police Chase (Tribune)
  • Men Fleeing Oak Forest Pizzeria in Car After Skipping Out on Check Injure 2 Employees (Tribune)
  • Delivery Drivers Are Causing Traffic Jams by Disobeying “No Stopping” Signs (CBS)
  • Active Trans Discusses Complaints About LFT Separation, Calls for Eliminating Street Crossings
  • Plan Commission Will Vote on Union Station Redevelopment Later This Month (Curbed)
  • Transportation Initiatives Help Earn UIC a “Green Ribbon” Award From the Feds (Block Club)
  • Evanston’s Main Street Comes Alive During Mile-Long Car-Free Event (Tribune)
  • New UP-W Lombard Station in Lombard Includes 250 Linear Feet of Curved Canopies (BDC)

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  • Random_Jerk

    Delivery drivers are causing traffic jams by disobeying “No Stopping” signs, because there is almost ZERO enforcement. I really don’t understand why the City is passing so much revenue.

  • “A city of Chicago diagram illustrated the crux of the problem: bus and bike lanes take up much of Washington Street.”

    Nice of CBS to tell us who’s really at fault.

  • Jeremy

    Delivery companies will just pass the costs of tickets on to customers. What will really discourage this is towing or Denver Boots. Once deliveries are actually missed, behavior will change quickly.

  • what_eva

    Another low hanging fruit there would be to prohibit deliveries during rush hour. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen morning rush hour traffic on Madison grind to a halt because of stopped beer trucks. @#$ deliver after 10 AM, @#$@#