Today’s Headlines for Monday, August 27

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Killed Cyclist Jimmy Lispier, 42, at Division Cicero Last Thursday (ABC)
  • Driver Fatally Struck Pedestrian in Melrose Park (Sun-Times)
  • Drivers Injured 2 Children on Foot and Bike Friday Afternoon in Oak Park (Tribune)
  • Police Chase on the Eisenhower Ends in Multiple Vehicle Crash (ABC)
  • Officer Who Rushed Into ‘L’ Car After Man Set a Fire Last January Is Suing the CTA (NBC)
  • Daniel Kay Hertz Discusses His Upcoming Book “The Battle of Lincoln Park” (Belt)
  • Workers Are Displaying CTA Vests in Their Vehicles to Avoid Tickets Near 95th Stop (ABC)
  • Should the CTA Post Reminders About Backpack Etiquette? (Tribune)
  • 5 Zagster Bike-Share Stations Could Be Coming to Graylake (Herald)
  • Households That Fill Out CMAP’s “My Daily Travel” Survey Will Get $50
  • Maldonado, Who Made $300K Flipping 606 Land, Hosts Meeting on 606 Grant Program Today
  • South Side Critical Mass Leads the “Rep Your School” Ride Friday 9/7 5:45 PM at Nichols Park

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  • JeBuS

    Your link to the My Daily Travel survey links to your personal survey information. You might want to change that to a different url.

  • Courtney

    The CMAP study seems biased towards drivers and is not very multi-modal minded. That’s my initial first impression from registering to be part of the survey.
    I could only select one mode as far as how I get to work. I use 3 modes, IMO. I BIKE to the train station, take the TRAIN to either a BUS or another BIKE. I was asked if I use a park and ride but not if I bike for any part of my trip or if my commute requires another mode.
    Either way, I do appreciate you sharing the survey so that more transit riders, cyclists, etc. can weigh in.

  • ardecila

    That CTA parking story at 95th… I disagree with any story that frames on-street parking as a public right rather than a privilege – especially since the area around 95th is mostly bungalows, so most residents have garages, choose to use them for storage instead of parking, then complain when the street parking is taken out or filled up. I’ve also had to park several blocks away from my house, that’s just how it is in a dense city…

    But at the same time, CTA personnel blocking handicap spaces isn’t cool. There are several on my block, some of which often sit empty… this irritated me until I realized the open space made it much easier for a wheelchair user to board paratransit vans at the curb.

    It also seems like a lot of CTA personnel drive to their jobs, which is the height of irony… CTA workers are allowed to live in most of suburban Cook County as well as the city, so many of them probably live where frequent transit can’t reach them. It would be great if CTA could use a carrot rather than a stick to encourage their workforce to walk the walk when it comes to transit oriented lifestyles.

  • FlamingoFresh

    I feel like once you do the daily commute survey you’ll be able to specify your transportation modes in a more detailed way than what was offered.

  • FlamingoFresh

    Officer suing about the fire on the L:

    That’s a awful lawsuit and just a money grab. From the video, yest the CTA employee initiated the scuffle but the cops got in and took over the situation it was then that the fire started and the officer pulled him off the train with one of the officer’s shoe on fire, which was under control. I don’t see how debilitating injuries could have resulted from that Dismiss the case and save the taxpayers from any additional waste of money.