Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 29

  • After Months of Rumors, Jump Is Finally Joining the DoBi Pilot With up to 250 Bikes (Tribune)
  • Pfleger Rejects Police Plea to Move 7/7 Anti-Violence March off the Dan Ryan (Sun-Times)
  • Family of Cop Who Died, Killed Another Driver While Fleeing Police Is Suing City (Tribune)
  • CTA Employee in Critical Condition After Falling on Tracks Near 95th Street (Sun-Times)
  • 6 Days After Covered Bridge Designated a Historic Monument, Trucker Damages It (Tribune)
  • McHenry-Area Residents Blame Roundabout Construction for Flooding Homes (NW Herald)
  • Tour de Fat, a Benefit for West Town Bikes, This Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM in Humboldt Park

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  • rohmen

    The “off-duty” cop lawsuit is going to be interesting, assuming it’s not just quickly settled for an undisclosed amount. The CPD gets rightfully called out for not disengaging pursuits that turn dangerous, but why was an off-duty cop speeding away from fellow officers who by that point clearly had their lights on?

    Maybe not fair to speculate, but makes me kinda wonder if the off-duty copy was involved in something that would be embarrassing to get out (DUI maybe), and this is a leverage play for the City to either have to drag it out as a defense or pay to make this go away.

    The real story here seems to be the 27-year-old woman in the other car that got caught up in something that shouldn’t have happened.

  • what_eva

    It would make perfect sense for the family of the woman to sue the city, but the family of the fleeing driver? That’s some chutzpah

  • Andy S

    Avid reader and occasional commenter, I’m not in Chicago, but looking forward to the Tour de Fat tomorrow! Coming up from scenic Peoria with a few fellow cyclists.