Today’s Headlines for Thursday, April 12

  • After 6-Year Wait, New Metra & Amtrak Station Opens in Joliet (Tribune)
  • Redevelopers of Motorola Campus Want Site to be “Urban, Dense & Walkable” (Herald)
  • Parking Lot That Was Turned Into a Park at Wrigley Renamed “Gallagher Way” (Tribune)
  • Alderman Michele Smith Rejects Proposal for TOD to Replace Gas Station (Curbed)
  • Editorial: LimeBike Is Great, But Rockford Also Needs More Lanes and Racks (RRStar)
  • Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Owns 22 Chicago Cabs, 12 With Violations (Sun-Times)
  • One of the Escalators at the Red Line’s Monroe Stop Has Been Broken for Years (Sun-Times)
  • Sun-Times, Reader Owner Edwin Eisendrath Speaks at MPC on Monday 4/18
  • First Ever Transportation Camp Chicago Conference Takes Place Saturday 5/5 at UIC
  • Aviation Chief Ginger Evans Discusses O’Hare Expansion at DePaul on Tuesday 5/8

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  • Jeremy

    I don’t think that is Motorola’s “new Schaumburg campus”. The article says, “the former Motorola Solutions campus”.

  • planetshwoop

    The Motorola development is going to be fascinating as to how it plays out. The article indicates that there will be no SFHs. It may be a “new” downtown for Schaumburg, which could change how people see the town a little.

    Schaumburg is frequently dinged by city-folk (i’m guilty of that) but I think it deserves a better reputation. It has access to lots of forest preserve and parks, it has probably the best bike-lane system of any suburb in the region, and there is an astonishing amount of diversity in the food and offerings.

    It’s just that so much of that is ruined by mega-highways and surface parking. Too many strip-malls.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Good for Schaumburg trying to urbanize that site, but they’ve got their work cut out for them. With no transit infrastructure and the site cut off from any existing amenities by mega-highways it’s going to be a tough sell until it hits a critical mass. The first residents will have a terrible combination of all of the downsides of urban living coupled with all of the downsides of suburban living.

  • planetshwoop

    PACE is really trying to make it happen. With the expansion of 90, they’ve added a lot of service.

    But agreed. Unless there is an in-fill grocery, getting much of anything will be hard without a car or bike.

  • Cameron Puetz

    It’s a chicken and egg problem. Until the neighborhood fills in with walkable retail and entertainment, there’s no reason to live there over a single family elsewhere in Schaumburg. Until residents move in, it’s hard to draw businesses.

  • F. Hayek 69

    Disgraceful that power hungry alderman can veto any project they please. These inflated egoists are master shakedown artists who don’t respect property rights.

  • Chicagoan

    With two Metra lines and one Amtrak service, Joliet Gateway Center is more busy than the stations in other major cities.

  • Kevin M

    Two Amtrak lines, actually: Lincoln service to St Louis and Texas Eagle service to San Antonio.